Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Speak Scorpio

Greetings from Planet Scorpio

Scene 1

Date Night. Four Foot Nothing (FFN) has been deposited at Camp Grandma and Scorpio Hubby (SH) and I are walking up and down the line of restaurants trying to come to an agreement on somewhere to eat.

Me: This place looks nice. Good menu selection.
SH: mmmm, pretty expensive plate of pasta, don’t you think.
Me: What about this place? You can get a steak here if you want.
SH: Yes, but is there anything on the menu you want to eat?
By now, I am getting a little exasperated, but in the interests of date night...
Me: What do you feel like eating?
SH: I’m pretty easy. Your choice, love.
Me: OK, we are eating Vietnamese.
SH: Sounds good.

Later... sipping our first glass of vino, while sharing some salt & pepper calamari...

SH: This is nice. But I really felt like a steak at the place next door...
Me: You should have said.
SH: I did.

Welcome to Planet Scorpio.

I have spent the last 20 years living with a Scorpio. I work for a Scorpio, my father is a Scorpio & one of my closest girlfriends is a Scorpio. I am surrounded by them, adore their depth and intensity and, as a result, am actually pretty good (usually) at speaking Scorpio. But every so often I do mess up.

Scene 2

After a difficult week of long hours, lots of running FFN around to social events and SH at endless off-sites, the inevitable happens and a general discussion over something completely inane turns into an all out yelling match (me) and silence (SH).

SH: But you know the pressure I have been under.
Me: How can I know if you haven’t told me?
SH: But I have told you. You just weren’t listening.

He hadn’t told me verbally, but in review, I should have recognised the signs.

When a Scorpio finally gives their heart and their trust (usually the 2 are interconnected), they expect that you will in return give your heart and soul. Scorpio doesn’t just love, they demand complete merging. With that is an expectation that you feel everything as intensely as they do. There is also an expectation that the channels of non verbal communication are wide open. This translates to, they don’t only assume that you can read their minds, it simply doesn’t occur to them that you can’t.

Scorpio doesn’t offer anything up. You have to earn it. As I said, I am normally pretty good at reading the signals. This is why Pisces and Scorpio often go well together (as long as they can avoid drowning each other). In fact, this is why water signs all work reasonably well, on a Sun sign level, anyway. We all live through and are motivated by our feelings on a level which is non verbal.

When a Scorpio calls you out of the blue to talk about nothing, what they are really calling for is so that you can ask the questions that need to be asked so they can tell you without telling you what they need to tell you. If you can speak Scorp, the exact words don’t need to be said.

Do you think we need to talk about this?
I don’t know, do you think we need to talk about this?
If you don’t think we need to, I guess we don’t need to.

It has all been said and understood. Over and out.

The Emotional Overdraft

The alarm goes off way too early, but I have high and healthy hopes for the day. The diary is organised, and emails taken care of by 9am. I have high hopes of a walk in the sun at lunchtime and a gym class while my daughter is at swimming.

Then the day goes downhill. An unscheduled teleconference, a network outage and the lunchtime walk is forsaken for a sandwich at my desk. The emails and calls continue, and I am grateful (again) for the Bluetooth in my car that allows me to continue to take calls as I tear home (late again), do the swimming drop off (late again), and therefore miss the planned gym class (again). At this point I realise there is nothing in the house for dinner and make an unscheduled stop for groceries. Once home, the first glass of wine is poured while the homework supervised, and the 2nd while dinner is contemplated. By the time 8pm comes, and the day is nearly done I quite simply can’t be faffed to take the dog for the walk I know she needs and am in bed soon after.

Tomorrow is the same and the next after that. Sound familiar? We exist, we function, but the intensity of life is missing. When we are in periods of stress, despondency and boredom we often unconsciously go to the shadow side of our Moon, the part that nurtures us. In the case of my Pisces Moon, I reach for the wine and the sense of escape from feeling that comes with that. Yes, I feel comforted for a while, but that comfort is taken away as my fitness declines, general greyness of mood kicks in and my clothes get tighter. As my tummy rolls form a veranda and I can no longer see my feet (OK, a slight exaggeration), I have had to look harder at alternatives to my current mode of coping.

The verdict? Choose to replenish the emotional bank account more positively and intentionally by looking at the second house. The sign that is on the cusp of the second house will help you deal with stress in a way that allows you to continue to fit in your jeans.

I have Aries ruling my second house and the most effective way for me to release tension is to move. Specifically I love to box- there is something infinitely satisfying about a one on one training session where I get hot and sweaty and get to hit and kick someone.

I have tried massage, and tend to lie there thinking about what other tasks I should be doing instead. The simple fact for me is that no matter how de-motivated or mentally tired I am, exercise energises me and creativity keeps me motivated. I use my Aries 2nd house in a Piscean way- my trainer knows that I will commit to my sessions as long as he commits to mixing it up & varying the routine. Swimming and yoga also satisfy both my Pisces planets and the needs of my emotional Bank Manager.

Some general ideas:
If your second house is ruled by a fire sign, get moving. Whatever lights your fire, so to speak. Fire signs also benefit from creative expression as a release.

Earth second houses benefit from getting in touch, mindfully, with their bodies. Consider a massage or other bodywork. Alternatively, feel your connection to the earth during a walk or the earth in your hands in the garden.

Music, books and socialising of all types- virtual or physical- release tension when there is an Air sign on the cusp of the second house.

When water rules the second, space is provided via a bath, a swim, some spiritual time out.

These ideas can be refined further by examining the nature of the sign. For example, Taurus should probably avoid the comfort food element inherent in a Taurean second house and instead opt for a walk (around the shops?) or a massage, and Sagittarius would always benefit from figuratively jumping a few fences, while Libra 2nd house might be happy to glam up, pop on the heels and dance the night away . I am happy to provide suggestions to anyone needing some ideas.

I know, it is easier said than done, as I am daily proof of. We all have commitments, schedules and responsibilities- all of which are personally compelling to each of us. But I am making a deal with myself to intentionally step away from the shadow of my Moon and feel the burn my 2nd house is asking for. Aries also likes a little competition and I have a little side wager with a friend about results and abs & who is going to kick whose arse...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blame it on the Moon- Pisces

I don’t know whether it was the red wine (I had a few), the vodka/tonic (just one), the altitude (I was in a Boeing 777 at a few thousand metres) or the fact that I needed the toilet really really badly & the seatbelt sign was still on (turbulence over the top of Aus), but I found myself crying in... wait for it... Hannah Montana the Movie. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer emotion (or the need to pee) that I let my husband borrow my very expensive and previously heavily guarded BOSE noise reducing headphones so he could watch his Kung Fu classic crap flick in comfort while I broke the rules and ducked down the aisle to the toilet.

Nor was this an isolated incident (the crying at movies on planes, that is... I want you to know that I have never ever broken the seatbelt thing before...). During my last couple of flights I have also had tears during the soapbox scene in New in Town, during the shop window scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and even the happy bit of He’s Just Not That Into You. Only The Boat that Rocked missed out because, whilst the music was great, it was seriously so misogynistic that I couldn’t find tears even for when they got old Hippie Bob out of the sinking boat.

On one overnighter from Hong Kong, I was crying so much during Sex and the City that the hostess brought me down another bottle of red. Suffice to say, on the return leg this time I stuck to movies starring Clive Owen where I knew I would be too busy drooling to cry, and Flight Of The Conchords (my favourite episode where Jermaine accidently sleeps with an Australian so gets kicked out of the band) where I could laugh out loud & be less embarrassed than if the person on the other side of the aisle matched my tears to Hannah Montana!

My 11 year old daughter, who I had synchronised the movie with (so that we both start & pause at the same times) failed to pick up the deep emotion between a father and daughter in the “Butterfly” scene and just shook her head at me when the tears started as Hannah launched into “The Climb”. But then Sarah also can’t understand why after thousands of viewings I still sob my little heart out when Maria comes back across the lawn to the children in The Sound of Music. My devoted family get a laugh every time the flashbulbs go and Elvis Costello breaks into “She” during that unforgettable scene in Notting Hill.

No matter what sign your Sun is in, the sign that the Moon was in at the minute you were born dictates how you react to people, events and memories on an emotional and unconscious level. Whilst the Sun is the outward expression of you, the Moon is the inner you. How easily your emotions are expressed and dealt with can be seen by the contacts (aspects) which the Moon makes to the other planets in your birthchart- but that is a whole other series of blogs.

I have a Pisces Moon, and having a Pisces Moon is like being hormonal and pregnant your entire life. When expectant friends tell me that can’t understand why they are crying over TV ads or in public or at the news, I silently welcome them to my life. Once every 28 days when the Moon moves through the sign of Pisces, all of us become a little more emotional, a little dreamier, and a little more impractical- a little more Piscean. The extent to which that affects you will depend on what sign your Moon is natally.

If your Moon is in Pisces, you will be intuitive, compassionate, sentimental and sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you. Easily hurt, you also tend to easily forgive, often allowing your heart to be broken over and over by the same person. With a Pisces Moon also comes an idealism that essentially everyone is good and means well and it is a nasty shock when you realise that this is not the case. Your intuition may put you on alert, but that dreamy sense of beyondness will urge you to think you can change the person who your every sense is telling you to avoid. That Pisces compassion will have you feeling sorry for the person who has let you down for the umpteenth time and the man who is confessing to sleeping with someone else, but professes his love still for you.

The biggest risk for a Pisces Moon is of emotional overload and subsequent escape into substances and activities which dull or mask what is being felt. The position of the Moon and the aspects made to it also tell us a lot about both our experience of nurturing and how we nurture ourselves. The Pisces Moon can be quite indiscriminate in regards to its appetite. The lack of boundaries can mean that quite simply you don’t know when you may have had enough- whether that be food, alcohol or an unhealthy love affair.

It is imperative for the Pisces Moon to find other more healthy pursuits when the emotions get too much to bear. If you can learn to protect yourself against negative emotions and tune into that intuition, you have the potential for your dreams to become reality. Now... where is my copy of Sense and Sensibility...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Does My Bum Look Fat in These Jeans?

Mercury in Virgo August 3- 25
I have the absolute worst possible Mercury in history. And, given that Mercury is about how you communicate, the way in which you process information, and how you think, it is actually a miracle that I can even string 2 words together, let alone be able to sell coal to Newcastle when I have had a few bevies.

Why is my Mercury so bad? My Mercury is in Pisces where it is traditionally in the sign of both its detriment and fall. Mercury has difficulty expressing itself in mutable, watery, no boundaries Pisces. Also, my Mercury is in the 12th house, the house of self undoing, the place where you lock your deepest and darkest secrets away. Suffice to say, few planets operate well from the 12th house. Finally, my Mercury is retrograde natally, which means that it appears to be going backwards. The good part of that one is that I tend to feel retrogrades less than people who have Mercury in a stronger position to mine.... leading me nicely into Virgo.

If you have Mercury in Virgo, your Mercury is very very different to mine- Mercury rules Virgo and is strong, smart and extremely sharp in this position. The only (and rather mean) comfort I take from this is that during Mercury retrograde periods, you are likely to be substantially more affected than I am.

But that is probably the only comfort I can take. Where Mercury in Pisces is about the “big picture”, Mercury in Virgo concentrates on the details- every single little detail. In fact, nothing is below the notice of Mercury in Virgo, and every one of them will be analysed. Mercury in Virgo is the ultimate record keeper and statistician, forgetting nothing, and having a place for everything. This placement has a quick and brilliant mind (although sell themselves short), and the ability to make conversation on numerous subjects (but think they could be better).

Mercury in Virgo is critical, picky, and practical. Never ask if your bum looks fat in those jeans- this placement will tell you it does and what you need to do to make it better. Not because they want to be mean spirited, but because they truly believe that perfection can be attained. It is this idealism, and an awareness of how things are versus how they can be that drives this analytical placement.

But to those of us with a weaker Mercury and a more expansive arse, a little less analysis and a little more dishonesty would be nice!

Does this Mean we are getting married?

Venus in Cancer: August 2-26

There’s this little piece of astro humour (See Sex, Lies and Bodypaint) about the one line which each of the signs might say after a one night stand. For Cancer it might be “Does this mean we are getting married?”

If you have Venus in Cancer, you take relationships very very seriously, and are quite conservative in your attitude to love and romance. In fact, the whole idea of a one night stand line for Cancer is a bit of an oxymoron. Love is for life.

It has been (unfairly?) said that Venus in Cancer can be nagging, clingy and manipulative. But consider the life of a Crab- it has to ride the tides of the ocean by clinging hard to rocks for its’ survival – so it is when Venus is in Cancer- it will cling on and on and on and on- often way after the relationship is dead and really starting to stink. Nothing you can do will shake them off. Nor will they leave of their own accord- after all, you need them, and Cancer needs to be needed! But unlike Pisces who will be all desperate and pining and make you feel sorry for them, Venus in Cancer has a Mothers ability to produce guilt- without you really knowing why you should be feeling guilty- a talent indeed. Venus in Cancer does not like conflict, so brooding silences and retreat are usually great indicators that things are not FINE.

What is fair to say, is that under the hard outer shell, Venus in Cancer is fearful of rejection. This highly sensitive, maternal, compassionate and completely loyal sign will do anything and everything to protect and nurture its’ relationships. The more they do for you, the more you need them and the less likely you are to leave. It is well worth remembering this if your partner has Venus in Cancer- the occasional thoughtful gesture will make him/her feel loved, needed and cherished far more than will flashy bling- although, that is always nice as well.... Never ever think that you can buy them- with Venus in Cancer, it is all about emotion and feeling.

Venus in Cancer will pack your bags with your favourite things before you go away and welcome you home with a hearty meal - proving that no one looks after you quite like they do. In fact, you will rarely go hungry if your partner has Venus in Cancer- although you may have problems in dragging your love out of their shell into the open- nothing beats an economical home cooked meal. Venus in Cancer will be sensitive to your mood as soon as you walk through the door and act accordingly. Venus in Cancer will help out around the house- often without being asked... yep, even the men. In the workplace, even the most businesslike Venus in Cancer will understand if you aren’t feeling well and will genuinely be interested in your family and photos. Abuse that trust? Take advantage of that compassion? Venus in Cancer will forgive, but rarely forget.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, not only does your Venus placement indicate your preferred relationship style and what makes you feel good, but in a mans chart, the Venus placement will also indicate what he is looking for in a partner. If your man has Venus in Cancer, he will be attracted to partners with Cancer characteristics- perhaps someone who will look after him, cook for him, possibly even mother him. He will also be looking for a relationship that is committed, loyal and predictable.

Venus in Cancer? Get past that craggy shell, expect a little sideways dodging of issues, learn to read the different interpretations of FINE, and you will never be hungry again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Casting a Spotlight on Leo

I was having coffee with a girlfriend a few weeks ago in a new place- great coffee menu, great lighting and really dramatic interiors. Nice. Anyway, we got to talking, like friends do, and, like conversations do, the subject turned to a mutual acquaintance who had recently separated from her husband. Now, I have never particularly liked this person and I wouldn’t have trusted her husband under any circumstances, so without thinking I said rather sarcastically “Now what could possibly have gone wrong there?”

My friend looked at me for a second or two and quite seriously replied “I don’t know what you mean.”

Recklessly I went on. “Surely you heard the rumours about him and his affairs? I seriously have no idea why she put up with him for so long.”

“Jo, only they know what went on in their relationship.” She idly stirred her coffee and then continued: “I must remember to call her and see if she needs anything. Now, tell me about that pair of Marc Jacobs shoes …”

Subject closed.

My friend has Mercury and the Sun in Leo and is way too dignified for gossip. Think Bree in Desperate Housewives, but perhaps without all the other hang-ups. It isn’t that she thinks she is above it, just that she really doesn’t enjoy it. Mercury in Leo expresses itself with dignity, warmth, generosity and flair & whilst the temper can be legendary, generally rates quite low on the bitch scale.

Another dear friend has the Sun in Leo. She is the most glamorous person I know and, although she now lives far away, is also one of the warmest and most generous friends I have- and I value her for that. The quintessential Leo, she is always impeccably groomed, treats even the most humble Tupperware party as a major social event and is equally at home hosting a barbecue or an art show. The consummate hostess with the mostess.

Leo is a fire sign and is associated with the 5th house of the birthchart. Leo is all about creativity, self expression and the ego. Leo is theatrical, dramatic and all flourishing. Think Madonna, Bill Clinton and Jackie O. At its absolute best, Leo is generous, loyal and charismatic. But at its worst? Think Diva, think tantrums, dogmatic and think manipulative.

Leo is King (or Queen) of all he surveys, and that is how it should be. Ruled by the Sun, Leo has a sense of entitlement, a need to be recognised and an absolute pride in whatever he may do. But underneath this longing for glamour, luxury and recognition is an innate vulnerability. Consider the Lion in Wizard of Oz.

Leo wants to be liked and is terrified of the alternative. From the insecurity comes a show of drama queen proportions, but that is what it is, a show. A Leo with the Sun in the 12th house can be like someone with the light switched out- they often don’t realise that if they show their natural warmth, loyalty and generosity of spirit they will be loved for themselves, not their portable spotlight.

Happy Birthday Leo- this month, it is all about you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Travel- Its all About Soul

Getting below the surface in Rotorua (NZ). Pic by me.

We were standing in the shelter of an Indonesian market town from tropical rain waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to our Resort, so really, I had no choice but to shamelessly eavesdrop on the conversation happening in front of me. It was between a Singaporean lady who had come to the island for a long weekend (SL) and a tourist from a country I won’t name for fear of upsetting all the other wonderful people from that country :)(T). It went something like this:

SL: So, how long did you spend in Singapore?

T: Just 3 days, but that was long enough to see everything.

SL: Did you enjoy it?

T: Well, the 1st day we spent trying to get over the flight and used to this dreadful heat. Then we went for a walk down Orchard Road and I said to my husband and son that really we could be in Los Angeles or Sydney.

(I grinned at this one, as last time I looked, George St was nothing like Orchard Rd... but I digress)

SL: Maybe you should have had a look at Little India, Chinatown or Arab Street- and seen the old Singapore?

T: (shudders) The City Tour took us through Little India and... (another shudder)... we really didn’t like it.

SL: What about the Zoo, did you go to the Zoo? Singapore Zoo is one of the best in the world.

T: No, we have been to so many zoos around the world and our Zoo in XXXXX (nearly gave away the nationality...) is what Singapore’s Zoo was copied from.

(By now SL is desperately waiting for the shuttle bus to turn up).

SL: But you must be happy with the Resort?

T: Well we are now, although have you seen the price of the pizzas? And my husband hasn’t been able to get a rugby score on TV & don’t get me started on the insect bites.

At this point a giggle escaped from me, so I had no choice but to join the conversation...

Jo: But how cool are the Malaysian soap operas? We love the ones without the subtitles & try & make up the words.

T: (gave me a look which roughly translated as “are you for real?”)

Jo: And, you have to admit, the weather is heaps warmer than back home at the moment? And where else can you buy 3 Tiger Beers for $5?

This whole random conversation made me think about what our charts say about us as travellers. Our sun sign will tell us quite a bit, but how you approach travel can be seen by the sign that rules the 9th house in your birthchart. You may be a Taurus Sun, but with a Sagittarius 9th house would be interested in cultures, religions and pushing your limits a little more.
As a Pisces, I am naturally drawn to anything with water and anything where my boundaries can dissolve. But with Scorpio on the cusp of my 9th house, I approach travel from the viewpoint of Scorpio- I like to get below the surface to the soul of wherever I go. Tour groups invade my privacy, and tend to make me feel constrained and a little claustrophobic.

Thankfully my husband is of a similar mindset. With a Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius on the cusp of his 9th house, he also wants to immerse himself in culture. So when we travel, while we might stay in good hotels (my idea of camping is a 3 star hotel) with access to water, but we head off the tourist trail as much as possible, eat locally (usually that is also the cheapest option) & attempt to find out how people really live.

Our daughter (an Aries Sun with Leo on the cusp of her 9th house) likes to travel, but prefers a resort with sun lounges, a pool and plenty of pool games. A common phrase for us when on holidays is “It’s not all about you, Sarah.” Very Leo on the 9th.

So, what does your chart say about you as a traveller? If you know the sign that is on the cusp of your 9th house, that is great- read both the description of your Sun sign and that ruling the 9th. If you know your birth time, hop onto and get your own birthchart.
Aries: You want to be first- that goes without saying. If you can’t explore new territory, at least be the 1st of your group to go somewhere new. And if that doesn’t work, pick a resort where you can kick the arses off the other guests in pool volleyball, tennis, drinking games or anything else competitive. Combine the 2 and follow your favourite sporting team or army on tour. Avoid guided tours at all costs.

Taurus: Somewhere nice and conservative, but with good value for money. You love modern cities with great shopping, good food and where you don’t have to do an awful lot. Relaxation is the name of the game, but a visit to an art gallery or a stroll through shops followed by cocktails is exercise enough. Resorts and cruises are great, but don’t go too far off the beaten track- stick with what you know.

Gemini: Don’t even think about retreats... ever... unless there is a group of you going- actually unless there are a few groups going- you need the variety. Contiki tours or a backpacking holiday where you can gather friends (and facebook contacts) from all around the world- and party all night- are right on the money. If it’s Thursday we must be in Rome.

Cancer: You really don’t like to be too far from home, but when you are, you prefer to set up base in a single place and make it as much like your home away from home as possible. Apartments by the beach are great when you can get the groceries in and cook for yourself- eating out too much really can’t be justified when you can whip up a perfectly good meal yourself.

Leo: It goes without saying that you prefer to follow the sun. But don’t even think about a put your own tent up in the African jungle safari. Sun and Glamour are your key words. You love a 5 star resort with cocktails by the pool, a great in house beauty salon and the perfect poolside wardrobe. Perhaps a cruise, the Greek Islands, or both. It is no less than you deserve.

Virgo: Let’s face it, you are going to get travel belly wherever you go... but I did notice when we were in Singapore recently that all the Hawker markets are graded in terms of food quality and cleanliness... no, I am not sure what standard they are measured against or the actual statistics of how many people had to get sick, but my point is, this definitely makes it easier for Virgos to eat cheaply, locally and know where their tummy bug is coming from. The best part of a holiday has to be in the planning and working out where you can get the best value for money. Don’t share with other families- you know you will be the one having to do all the chores. Organised tours are perfect for you- you really don’t like anywhere too relaxing, loud, flashy or wet.

Libra: Anywhere gorgeous where you can shop for designer goodies- just make sure you take someone equally as decorative to carry all your bags; somewhere glamorous where you can lie back with your champagne and be fed chocolates by one admirer while getting a foot massage from another; a resort or cruise where the biggest decision you need to make is which pool lounge you will drape yourself across to best possible advantage. Leave the pool games to Aries, you don’t want to break a nail.

Scorpio: I will say this once only- avoid organised tours- you have absolutely no control and people will be in your face all day. Also avoid anywhere too bright or too loud. Scorpio likes to make his own way and will actively seek out the underbelly of society and the hidden depths and the soul of a place. Being a water sign, scuba diving shipwrecks has to be the most literal translation of this. But whatever you choose, with Scorpio on the 9th, you will be transformed by travel- if you let yourself go.

Sagittarius: Particularly drawn to skiing holidays and (yes, Virgo, I was getting to this part) skiing injuries. Sag likes anywhere where there is something to drink, something to jump off or something to jump into or something to gamble on...Consider a drinking tour of Vegas casinos. Sag is also into spirituality, so has been known to gallop off into the sunset after their latest Guru.

Capricorn: Preferably a trip paid for by someone else, but if that is not possible, book somewhere of good quality, conservative, respectable and great value for money. Plan it well and you won’t have any nasty surprises. Capricorn really does not like to relax as time away from work means someone could be making them no longer indispensable. Take your Blackberry and your laptop so you can still jump in with your vast experience when trouble strikes.

Aquarius: Admit it, you secretly want to be on one of those Moon flights. But this aside, your holiday needs to be different. Whether you are up a tree saving the forest from chainsaws or in deepest South America researching the local people, or doing the Woodstock thing, as long as it is slightly unconventional and involves other people to share ideas with you will have a great time. One on one quality relationship time with your partner? Forget it.

Pisces: Pisces uses travel to escape from whatever version of reality they find themselves in. You don’t like to plan too much, drifting from one place to the next is perfect. As long as your holiday involves water, duty free alcohol and absolutely no responsibilities you are a happy fishy. Having some bossy Tour Guide telling you what time to get up, where to go and what to do when you get there is your idea of organised hell.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I will be on holidays for the next 2 weeks, so will not be posting to this blog until I get back to Australia towards the end of July... so, check back then for Leo updates.

Talk Dirty to Me- Mars in Gemini

(Pic by Bogalo courtesy

Mars in Gemini 13/7/09
Shane Warne has his Mars in Sagittarius, which I am sure no one except me really cares about (probably not even him). And why do I care about this? Because, I was absolutely convinced that if anyone had Mars in Gemini it would be Shane Warne- with all that texting that he is so well known for. But he doesn’t have Mars in Gemini which means I need to find another example and I really didn’t want to have to use another episode of Sex And The City. (If I did use SATC, I was going to use the episode where Miranda is having long distance phone sex with a colleague and enjoyed it until she found out he was juggling his phone calls, so to speak- very Mars in Gemini). But I used SATC last week. This week, I thought I would use an Australian Cricketer famous for his contributions to mobile phone use. But that hasn’t worked out either.

Instead, I am going to rely purely on fact, lots of little facts in little bullet points to appeal to a Mars in Gemini brain.

Fact 1: The sign that Mars is in shows how you use your energies and asset yourself.
Fact 2: The sign that Mars is in shows how you assert yourself and fight.
Fact 3: The sign that Mars is in shows what turns you on (or off)
Fact 4: In a woman’s chart the sign that Mars is in tells you what characteristics you like in your partner.
Fact 5: The sign that Mars is in shows how you may try and impress a partner.

Putting it all together, in short sharp bullet points, if you have Mars in Gemini you will:

• Invest your energy on mental activity gathering lots of little facts and socialising in lots of different groups.
• Your energy will be scattered, unfocused and inconstant
• You will talk a lot
• You will talk with your hands
• You will like any activities where you use your hands
• You will argue rather than throw things- especially when bored- in fact, arguing can be a way to pass the time with a particularly tiresome companion
• Your boredom threshold is low- both in the bedroom and out of it
• Speaking of which... think oral (and I know what is going through your mind...) kissing, talking (before, during and after), sexy talk, sexting.
• To Mars in Gemini, the brain is an erogenous zone.
• You will impress your partner with your amazing ability to talk about anything
• You will impress your partner with your quick wit
• If you are a woman with Mars in Gemini, you will be attracted to someone who is spontaneous, keeps you guessing, and is always changing.
• If you have a partner with Mars in Gemini, be prepared for their attention to wander. Also be prepared to mix it up, keep the relationship interesting, keep them guessing... which takes me to Samantha & Smiths’s penchant for role playing- very Mars in Gemini.

So really, I could have just used the phone sex scene from SATC- it would have said it all.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Venus in Gemini- The Good on Paper Relationship

Last Sunday I found myself in the rare position of having absolutely nowhere that I had to be and nothing that I had to do. Sure, there were places and things that I should have been at or should have done, but I decided instead to take a “whatever” attitude and get over the guilt. So, I sat on the lounge all afternoon, got the ironing up to date and watched Absolutely Fabulous & Sex and the City.

You know how some people are convinced that there is an episode of Seinfeld or The Simpsons for every life event? I am like that with Ab Fab & SATC. I have never quite been able to decide whether Carrie in Sex and the City is Gemini or Libra. She is definitely the Air element in the show, and her love of designer clothes certainly points to Libra, but the absolute passion for words and her eclectic taste certainly points to Gemini. Venus in Gemini likes to put together things that don’t match, but somehow work.

Anyway, there is this episode of SATC in Season 4 where Carrie is sleeping with Ray, a jazz musician with whom she is having great sex hoping to turn it into a relationship. Ray is the quintessential Gemini- totally scatty, spontaneous, young and thrilling with a severe Attention Deficit. But Carrie feels the mental connection is missing and she ends the relationship when it becomes obvious that Ray has “stopped playing her and moved onto another instrument”. Walking home from what she calls ADD (Another Dating Disaster) she ponders why they call it mind-blowing sex- perhaps that level of physical connection obliterates the chance of an intellectual one? “Great sex is great, but I still like the song of a melody I can sing to”.

When Venus is in Gemini the mental connection will always be more important than the physical or the emotional or the practical. As Carrie says- “What kind of a relationship could I have with a guy I couldn’t even talk to?”

Venus is where we find pleasure, what we like doing and who we like doing it with. Gemini is an air sign, so is social, mental rather than emotional, and idea based. Gemini is also mutable and needs variety and flexibility. If you have Venus in Gemini, you will like to browse, like to flirt and like to chat... a lot... with lots of different people about lots of different things. Venus likes the idea of a relationship sometimes more than love itself.

The ideal date for someone with Venus in Gemini would be plenty of witty banter, some great conversation, perhaps some bookstore browsing or a party. A romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant with a bottle of fine French champagne and roses will be totally wasted on Venus in Gemini. Unless the variety and the mental stimulation is there, the relationship that looks good on paper won’t last beyond the first couple of dates.

Venus in Gemini also has a not undeserved reputation of being fickle. Beating the boredom is why Venus in Gemini is able to juggle more than one partner quite effectively. The inconstancy is also due to their search for the theoretical ideal relationship. What looks good on paper proves quickly to not be so great in reality. When your idea of a perfect relationship can change quicker than the weather changes in Melbourne, the mind (and the heart) can wander just as quickly.

The trick to Venus in Gemini is to keep things interesting, keep him guessing, keep him curious and keep him texting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Water on the Brain- Mercury in Cancer

An installation artist at Floriade in Canberra, Pic by me.

Mercury scuttles sideways into intuitive Cancer tomorrow and I actually have very little I want or feel the need to say about it. In fact, I had real troubles even finding people in my chart database with this placement. I found just one- the sweetest most together teenager I know.

But aside from all of that, Mercury is in Cancer from tomorrow effectively delivering us all with a shot of water on the brain. OK, this placement can be a little moody and possibly even diva-ish in its expression (depending on the Moon), but it is also incredibly intuitive and absorbs information like a sponge.

People with Mercury in Cancer may not tell you very often how they feel, but rest assured, when the birthday card arrives, it will tell you all you need to know- and then some. This is feeling beyond logic, words to treasure and adding warmth to known truths.

Mercury in Cancer can also be subjective, paranoid and mistrusting, and these feelings can sometimes overpower you- particularly at that time of the month. Regrets and “could have dones” can weigh heavily, so it does pay to let your mind work through the fear.

Poetry, history and words from the heart will enthral you, and a good (lockable) journal is a safe way to express your needs and practice all those wonderful crabby putdowns. And if that doesn't work, throw on some good loud emo music and eat chocolate- that will.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fear, Change and Bosu Balls

I like things loud and fast. I have amazing memories of driving with someone I shouldn’t have been with through a road tunnel way too fast, with the windows down and the stereo way too loud, singing at the top of my lungs to something really naff and feeling that primal, guttural, raw throb of a V8 engine. What can I say? I have Venus in Aries... The adrenalin rush that I get from speed or a theme show ride hurtling you through space and time just can’t be bottled.

But the other day my Trainer got me to stand on a Bosu Ball. And it scared me. You see, instability terrifies me. Actually, what I am really frightened of is not having control or, even worse, losing control. I trust others more than I trust myself.

On first glance, the Bosu looks harmless enough... an exercise ball which has had the top third cut off & the open end covered in hard black rubber provides a platform for the unsuspecting to stand and attempt to precariously balance. Once on and balanced (ie, not gripping the arms of your trainer for dear life), you can perform gravity defying tasks like... balancing or, for the really advanced, squats. When a gorgeous little gym body falls off a Bosu Ball (no, I have never seen it happen either) people come to help. When someone like me does, people just snigger.

My Trainer’s end goal was have me confront my fears and in doing so strengthen my core- it is these muscles that keep us upright and provide stability on uneven or rocky surfaces. So it is with change. So many of us are frightened by it, but in most cases, confronting that which scares us, gives us more core strength to deal with future challenges- facing the fears and challenging them make us stronger inside.

The Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) tend to have the biggest fear around change, whereas the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are usually the ones to initiate the change cycle. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have the least difficulty in changing course. But that isn’t to say that the cardinal and mutable signs don’t fear change- they do. In many cases, it is fear which motivates the cardinals to initiate the change in the first place and fear which convinces the mutables to follow.

Not all change is good- it isn’t. In many circumstances, the fixed signs are right to stand firm against the havoc their cardinal colleagues are proposing and their mutable workmates are colluding in. But in many other cases, as it was with my Bosu Ball, overcoming the fear is necessary to become stronger in your core- although personally, I prefer Bellydancing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Are You Ready to Jump?

Photo by Ccaetano, Courtesy

“There’s only so much you can learn in one place, the more that I wait the more time that I waste” Jump, Madonna

A few years ago, I was introduced to astrology beyond the Sun signs. I was in Melbourne for work and had taken the opportunity of flying down over the weekend to grab some early Spring sunshine and a tarot reading at my fave Melbourne institution Spellbox ( For the previous 12 months or so I had been feeling particularly restless. There was a real physical ball of electric energy in my chest that just wouldn’t go away. It would wake me up at night with the feeling that something really exciting was brewing, an almost constant feeling of an impending ‘something’, an urge to tread dangerously and take risks.

When I tried describing it to the Reader, her response was “Well, Uranus is moving through your sign…” She went on to explain to me that the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, was in Aquarius & the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus was in Pisces- the result of which would make Aquarians softer and possibly dreamier and Pisceans would become more electric.

At that point I really didn’t understand what she was talking about, but it made me want to learn more about the type of influences that could make someone like me, who had always done what was expected, want to party all night, break free and run away to join the circus, metaphorically speaking. Looking back, I don’t think I had ever felt more uncertain about everything, but nor had I felt more alive that I did during that time & the following 6 months.

With hindsight and the benefit of an ephemeris I can see that Uranus at that time was within a couple of degrees of meeting my ascendant. It had hit a peak a month or so before and was now retrograde. What I really wanted to escape from was myself, or rather, my image or label of self. In doing so, the impact was felt in my home, my relationships and my work patterns.

Uranus is all about making you confront your own individuality. It pokes and it prods until you have no choice but to make the changes that are necessary to become yourself. Uranus is uncomfortable and indiscriminate. The harder and longer you resist its' force, the more painful the transit is. If you have always fitted into the box that others have categorized you in, be prepared for some pain. If you think that you can control your environment, think again- the area of life which Uranus is transiting becomes totally unpredictable.

As with all the outer planets, Uranus is at its strongest and most unpredictable when retrograde. While its’ motion is direct, the impulsive charges and flashes of insight or intuition become almost expected. During the retrograde period, however, you take more of the Uranian energy inwards where it can and will explode unexpectedly and uncontrollably.

Likewise, with all retrograde periods, the “re” prefix is important. In the case of Uranus the term “re-awaken” is the most apt. During the retrograde period, the freedom urge is reawakened. With it comes the urge to rebel and break out or release yourself from wherever you feel confinement (real or imagined) in your life. But, as with all retrograde periods, this is not a good time to make changes, no matter how much the urge bubbles inside you or how exciting the thought is. Dispassionately analyze where the universe is prompting you to make changes, feel it, process it, be aware of it, but try to resist actualizing or externalizing any of these changes until Uranus goes direct.

Where is Uranus in your chart? The cause of the transit can be found where Uranus is natally. The house through which Uranus is transiting is where most of the action is taking place and the house ruled by Aquarius is the area where the transits’ energy will be manifested.

Uranus is currently stationing at 26 Pisces 37’. It begins its’ retrograde on Wednesday 1/7/09. It will turn direct at 22 Pisces 42’ 2/12/09 and will retrace its steps coming out of its’ shadow in March 2010.

Who does this affect?

*Pisceans- particularly those with planets or chart points between 27 and 22 degrees.
*Anyone with planets or chart points between 27 and 22 degrees Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius
*Anyone with a strong Uranian chart signature eg, if Uranus falls on an angle in your chart natally (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house); or if Uranus aspects the Sun or Moon closely (especially consider conjunction, square, opposition)

What is Uranus trying to tell you that you need to change? Where do you need to be ready to jump?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Choice to Have No Choice

My horoscope yesterday (well part of it...) from the inimitable Jonathon Cainer ( “Something seems to be out of your control... if you can somehow see it as one which you have no power at all over, you can abdicate some responsibility. You can let whatever is most likely to happen, happen. Then you can say ‘I sincerely wish things were different, but I am powerless.’ Maybe it secretly suits you to feel that this is true. If so, just carry on believing that you have no choice and relax. But do so out of choice, not hopelessness.”

As some of you would already know. I have a lot of Pisces planets in my chart, and I mean A LOT- and they are all in the 1st house. One of the brilliant things about Pisces is that we can float around blindly oblivious to the nets out there waiting to reel us in, but one of our more shadowy sides is that of a self pitying victim. A little harsh? Possibly. Needless to say, I sometimes feel as though I consciously have to fight this attitude every day of my life. (Actually, even saying that makes me sound like I should be feeling sorry for myself).

Fortunately, I also have Saturn in my 1st- and I really do not like him. He makes me take responsibility- sometimes too much responsibility. I also have a tight Sun-Pluto opposition that sometimes helps me convince myself that I can have total control over everything in my part of the ocean. One little piece of reality I still have not learned is that I can only attempt to control my own reaction to what other people say about me, I can’t control what they say, do, think or write.

All this reminded me of a colleague I worked with during the last technical “recession that we had to have”. With Pisces Rising, Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon and a heap of 6th house planets, Mary (yes, the name is changed) would poke her head out of her office cubicle for long enough to envelope the rest of us in doom and gloom and speculation about the rumoured restructures. Even though no one really appreciated how much she did for the company or how much more than us she knew- if only anyone could be bothered to ask- she was convinced that she would be the first to lose her job. Mary also reminded us (constantly) that she was the only one who really couldn’t afford to lose her job- after all none of us had a family (in those days) so we had no idea what it was like to have to provide for a proper education and a roof over their heads.

One day I stupidly offered Mary some advice. “But it’s hopeless Jo”, she said, “I have no choice to wait and see what they will do with me.”
I assured her that she wasn’t helpless, that there were things that she could do now to control her own reaction should anything happen. She could get her resume up to date and organise current referees so that she would be ready to hit the job market running. She could insure her income against retrenchment or redundancy- this would, with her payout, give her at least 9 months to find a new position if she were to be retrenched, without being any worse off than she is now. She could ensure that her finances were as solid as they could be in the present circumstances.

Mary had an excuse for every suggestion. Finally I snapped, “Mary, if you really want to take control of the situation, why don’t you find another job and resign now?”

Her reaction? “You know something, don’t you...what have they told you?”

Some people truly don’t want a choice, being in control takes away their excuses and that would make the situation hopeless. After all, unless the blame can be directed elsewhere, we have to take responsibility- and that is really scary.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under the Milky Way

Get the first edition of my webletter "Under the Milky Way". What is happening in the skies this week? check it out at milkyway.

This week?

Sun in Cancer
New Moon in Cancer
Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus- yummy yummy

Friday, June 19, 2009

Silver Heels and Apple Pies.

My Nan will be 91 soon. She still wears strappy heel sandals, still wants to dance past midnight, still watches her weight and is a busy “Volunteer”. Nan first discovered volunteering when the Olympics came to Sydney- she was 82 that year & the oldest volunteer by far. She still helps out at all major community events in Sydney, often catching 3 trains and walking long distances to get to the venues. At her 90th last year she arrived in a silver lame jacket, smart black pants and some silver strappy sandals announced “Darlings, I am here, the party can start!”

But what does this have to do with astrology? Nan’s Sun is in Cancer. And, according to most popular literature, she is not a typical Cancer. Apparently typical Cancer’s don’t party hard, don’t wear silver and heels into their 90s and tend not to survive on diets of cigarettes and aspirin powders. Typical Cancers are supposed to be moody (depending on the moon), gloomy and grumpy. Typical Cancers are supposed to be insecure, depressive, fearful, over protective, clinging and paranoid. (I will stop there...) Not as fearless or dramatic as the Fire signs; not as social as the Air signs or as practical as Earth, and not as sorry as Pisces or as dark and sexy as Scorpio; Cancer generally gets a bad rap.

But when I look at my Nan, I see the quintessential Cancer. The Mother who would do whatever it takes to ensure her children were fed, clothed, housed and safe. The Grandmother whose house is stuffed full of photos, trinkets and memories- all surfaces, all spare pieces of wall. The party animal whose day is made complete because everybody in the room is dear to her. This is also the same woman who will go into fight against anybody who dared to criticise any of her family, and the woman who when interviewed on radio earlier this year could not understand why the journalist didn’t want to hear about her “beautiful family”.

Cancer is associated with the archetype of the Mother- and there is no doubt that Cancer has an innate ability to provide compassion, emotional and physical security and nutrition for their family- but this amazing talent to nurture and protect is extended beyond kids and family to whatever is important. Not everyone with a Cancer Sun (or Moon) necessarily wants or has a family- many Cancer Suns are not even close to their family- but they all need something to look after and raise to be the best it can be. The “baby” may be a business venture, a job, a pet, a project or a partner.

It is often the case, however, that Cancer forgets to look after herself. Cancer will provide a meal for others and go hungry if extra guests arrive. Cancer will bake up a storm, even if she is on a diet. Cancer will ensure her children are well clothed, even if it means she has to go without. Cancer nurtures the body and the soul, Cancer does more with less and Cancer will fight tenaciously when her “baby” is threatened. Only after everyone else is cared for and the job is complete, will Cancer consider her own needs.

The Moon rules Cancer. Not only is this responsible for their celebrated moodiness, but it also is why Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotionally intuitive signs in the zodiac- If my Cancer friends tell me they feel something or someone is not right, I will trust them... implicitly. They feel it. Born from the need to survive, their ability to see below the surface and read between the lines is second only to Scorpio. Underneath the hard and mistrusting outer shell of every Crab is the soft underbelly of Cancer.

Where is Cancer in your chart? This is the area of life you will feel most ready to grow and nurture. It may also be an area that you feel threatened and need to protect. Feed it, clothe it, educate it and send it out into the world in full awareness that when the bad stuff hits, your creation knows it can come back home for a meal and some compassion.

Happy Birthday Nan.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Website

I FINALLY have a new website up & ALMOST running. This week I will post to both, but going forward, I will be sending out a newsletter from Still trying to work out some technical bits & pieces, but getting there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Love etc...

I had 2 hours to think about this week’s blog today. Two hours sitting in the chair at the hairdressers waiting for the colour & foils that covers my greys and satisfies my vanity. Usually I tear out of the salon the minute my hair is washed out, open the sunroof in the car & get on with the day that has been interrupted by having to sit still for 2 hours. I have Venus in Aries. I want what I want when I want it. Venus in Aries wants to look good, but quickly & with a minimum of fuss. Venus in Aries has the tolerance of a flea.

But today I read the magazines. Trashy stuff about people’s lives that I normally couldn’t give a rats about. The latest Hollywood break-ups, make-ups, makeovers, brushes with death & whether some pointless starlet is too skinny or, heaven forbid, fat enough to fit into a US size 6- I really don’t care what they do or who they do it with. Today, I read all about why Jennifer needs to clear the air with Angelina in order to get her love karma back and how Kate Winslet is proud of her “normal womanly curves” after following an “everyday eating plan” where she removed all carbs and now tips the scales at a “very healthy” 52kgs. (Their quotations, not mine...).

Today I also sat in the chair for longer while 2 stylists brandishing their super powered dryers spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to straighten my hair. Why is that? So I will look vaguely glamorous at the pub tonight? Hardly... Venus is in Taurus, and the effects are all around us- not just in busier than usual hairdressers and beauty salons.As astro pal Kelly Surtees has been pointing out all week on Facebook & Astro Weather (, Venus in Taurus has even been obvious in the Stock Market where this week we actually saw some rises. But isn’t Venus about love and relationships, I hear you ask? Well, yes and no...

Venus is about what makes you feel good. In this way, it represents pleasure, beauty and art. It also represents the way in which you respond to these things, your values, what you value and the way you approach your relationships.

Taurus as a fixed earth sign values material things. It also likes to accumulate. It is this need for material security that often leads to Taurus being known as the sign most associated with wealth creation. But Taurus is ruled by Venus and also loves beautiful things, luxury and shopping. In the body Taurus rules the neck and throat, so also loves good food and wine.

If you have Venus in Taurus, you may use these things (shopping, food, wine) to feel good about yourself. That in itself is not an issue unless you are prone to over indulging in any of these things... you see, Venus in Taurus can also be a little self indulgent and, dare I say it, sometimes a little difficult to get moving.

So, when Venus is in Taurus we are more inclined to do things that make us feel good and look good. Some of us may put make-up on with the tracksuit when we are working from home; others will go on shopping sprees; share markets may even start to feel temporarily better. And that is because Venus is in rulership in Taurus- not only does she have plenty of motivation to behave well, but she also has the ability to act- what Astrologers call “essential dignity”.

Mars in Taurus? A completely different story...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Caffeine- How do you take yours?

Some more Astro Humour sent to me by one of the boys in IT who got it from someone who got it from someone else- I can’t claim any credit… except for a little artistic license here & there…

First in line, first out the door - a double shot - mainlined- and the Ram is off and running.

The Bull just loves the creamy luxury of Cappuccino- good value with chocolate on top and a yummy bit of something sweet & creamy on the side.

Dare I say it… half/half? Or is that only ever half a cup finished?

Mocha is right at home for Cancer, but just skip the coffee & go straight for the hot chocolate- you know you want to.

Something with a little drama- a perfectly presented macchiato served somewhere you will be guaranteed to be well lit.

That shop down the road never really makes your soy decaf cappuccino the way you like it, so you may as well do it yourself…

CafĂ© au Lait with friends on the side- or is that a skim cappuccino? You decide…

Deep, dark espresso- need I say more?

An iced caramel latte in the dead of winter seems appropriate for the Zodiac's thrill seeker.

Always efficient, Capricorn has found that a shot of espresso in one's coffee gets the job done ... and then some.

Organic raspberry tea grown by Fair Trade farmers is a refreshing alternative to coffee -- it transcends the boundaries of modern society...

Someday, Chai will replace coffee entirely, and Pisces will be ahead of us all - meanwhile, they can sit back calmly, ready to ride the wave of the future & bide their time until it can reasonably be called "cocktail hour".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jupiter Retrograde

The other day I declared on Facebook that Saturn didn’t exist- of course it does, I just didn’t want to have to think about it. But then I also conveniently overlooked the fact that Jupiter was stationing about to go retrograde. (Thanks AstroSparkles for that little reminder). And this year, the retrograde is longer than usual- from 15/6/09 at 27 Aquarius all the way through to mid October and 17 Aquarius.

As a Piscean, delusions and conveniently forgetting things are just part of the landscape, but Jupiter rules my Ascendant so is also my Chart Ruler & should be difficult to overlook. The Ascendant is all about the physical body, so it stands to reason that whatever this ruling planet does will have an impact on the physical body.

Further, Jupiter rules my Piscean Sun. The Sun is your energy and vitality source. Is it a coincidence that over the last few years I have been unwell as Jupiter has slowed to station?

Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic. Often labelled as the “lucky planet”, Jupiter makes things bigger. This isn’t so good if he is transiting across your Ascendant (literally speaking, your physical body often gets bigger...).

When Jupiter turns retrograde, the expansion... stops. Just like that. Good if you are planning a diet (personally, I need to lose 20kgs in the next 5 weeks before I go & lie on a pool lounge and beach somewhere exotic), but not good if you are in the middle of a project. Things that seemed to be sure may just stop. Physical energy may just dry up.

Jupiter also represents integrity and honesty, so the retrograde period is a great time to look objectively and realistically at what you are doing. Are you really investing enough of yourself in what is important? What do you do out of fear or because it is expected of you? How do these actions impinge on your real life goals and where you are meant to be?

Jupiter has a habit of removing those things from your life which you think you need, but actually are doing you no good at all. But with Jupiter, there is no maliciousness- anything you lose now, or anything that stops now is simply not necessary to your growth and will usually be for the best.

So, what to do? Look inward and be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to embark on any activity that requires material expansion- unless it is a new charity or spiritual retreat.

So, who is impacted? Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces (as traditional ruler). If you have your Ascendant, Sun or Moon in these signs, you will be impacted. If you have a number of planets in the 9th house or the 12th you will feel this retrograde. Look also at the houses which Jupiter rules- those houses with either Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp- this area of your life will feel the Jupiter influence the most. You will also be impacted if you have planets between 27 and 17 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

Jupiter also rules my Moon (emotional life), Mercury (my communication) & my career. Last year, during the retrograde, I struggled physically with my health and emotionally with things that were happening in my workplace. People I loved and thought I needed moved away. It seemed as if it was just one thing after another. Retrospectively, almost as soon as Jupiter turned back around (in September) things improved. Just like that. Jupiter can’t stay serious for long.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate and Cuddles- Mars and Venus in Taurus

Mars and Venus continue their race through the skies, but Venus is in sight of home (Taurus) and Mars is becoming slower as he has burned out much of his energy through Aries.

Venus on the other hand, is heading out of Mars’ territory where, let’s face it, he really did not make her at all comfortable, back to a place where she has the upper hand. Venus is about partnerships and beauty and in Aries is way too busy being a Warrior Princess and keeping up with Mars and his testosterone charges to really take it easy and appreciate life’s little luxuries.

Mars skids into Taurus on Monday where Venus will join him a week later for a tumble in her own comfy bed. As Taurus is about a slower, more focused and practical energy rather than his usual wham bam thankyou maam style he really is not at his best in Taurus. Instead he is forced to slow down and put some structure behind all those half finished projects started in Aries.

If you have Mars in Taurus your energy will be slow to start, but once going, you will be able to go and go and go. This is a physical sign, so sexually speaking, you will have a strong and sensual drive, but it usually is quite controlled. Once started, you always finish the job... so to speak. Mars in Taurus expends energy in accumulating things- preferably nice things & money- you care about getting and keeping these things more than you are prepared to admit. A man with Mars in Taurus will like to show you what he can give you, but may treat you as one of his possessions. Women with Mars in Taurus also have a possessive streak and are very strong willed- once started, very little will stop them... and that can be very attractive.

Venus in Taurus is very sensual. If your Venus is in Taurus, cuddles, comfort, good food, good wine, art & beauty are very important. So is consistency. Venus in Taurus does not get off on one night stands (leave that to some of the more fickle signs). She is much more comfortable with a reliable and committed partner who will occasionally give her a little push, but the rest of the time pour her champagne, feed her chocolates and give her backrubs and cuddles when she is feeling down.

Don't know where your Venus or Mars is natally? Check out your own chart (for free) on or contact me for a chart or a reading.

I Believe the Impossible is Possible to Overcome

I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in the miracles born from love in everyone

Believe Again, Delta Goodrem

I was just listening to this song floating out of my daughters’ bedroom and it hit me just how perfect the lyrics are for the Neptune/Jupiter lovefest in the sky at present- it also made a welcome change from Miley Cyrus’ The Climb which seems to have been on repeat lately...

Neptune is currently stationary and about to turn retrograde. Neptune will link back up with Jupiter in July (whilst Jupiter is also retrograde) and then again in December when both are direct again.

But what does this mean? Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces (which is why the conjunction with Jupiter is such a huge thing- the modern & traditional rulers of Pisces linking up in Aquarius whilst the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is causing havoc in Pisces). Key words we associate with Neptune are intuitive, deceptive, highly sensitised, escapist and delusional.

During the retrograde period, Neptune becomes more Neptunian. Your intuition will be heightened and you may suddenly get insights into something you have been struggling with. Seeing things clearer, you may no longer be able to deny truths that you have been...well, denying. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to what we need to listen to- and that is where the escapist nature of Neptune may also come into play. During the retrograde period you may be more inclined to run away into whatever is your favourite way of escaping. Not a great idea- you will have to emerge from the self induced alcoholic haze (or is that just me) at some point & see reality for what it is.

Who is affected? Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. Anyone with a Pisces Sun, Moon or Ascendant will become even more essentially Piscean. Also impacted are anyone with lots of planets in the 12th house and especially people with planets at around 26-22 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

Don't know if that is you? Check out your own chart for free on, or contact me for a chart or even a reading-

Mercury Direct and tales from the Rx

As I have written in the past, Gemini and Virgo Suns are always especially susceptible to all Mercury Rx periods. My boxing trainer (C) is a Gemini with his sun in the 3rd house which rules things like short journeys, communications... in fact most things mercurial. He is also an astrological sceptic- not that there is anything wrong with that- but is slowly starting to take notice of my assorted rambling...

Whilst my motivation may have been to delay the commencement of the next training set (he had threatened to get the Bosu Ball out), I felt that I should warn C about the possible outcomes for the coming few weeks. In specific, I told him to be careful around short journeys, phones, and computers & scheduling of appointments. He, in turn, adjusted the “Jo talking crap filters” and ordered me into the first of a killer push-up set on the dreaded bosu ball.

At last weeks session, C told me about his week:

• Had a car accident on the way to work
• The paperwork from his insurance company got mixed up, so there were problems with rental cars & smash repairers
• His computer crashed & he lost his training database until he was able to restore the hard drive
• His mobile had the carrot (my technical term for all non specific technology problems) & he had sent it away to be replaced & was currently running from his mums old phone
• He had had heaps of cancellations & mixed up appointments

The run of issues continued through this last week, to the extent that at yesterday’s session (in between overseeing the removal of all of my elbow skin on overhead elbow hammers- don’t ask) he uttered those fateful words: “So when does that planet thing start to turn around again?” followed by “Can you tell me when the next one is?”

I resisted the urge to say I told you so... but only because I would have suffered as a result...

Mercury has stopped his backwards motion and is currently stationing ready to go direct again- and anyone who has been impacted can breathe a sigh of relief.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chocolate Body Paint & Happy Birthday Gemini

I missed Gemini... how the flip did that happen... aaaah yes.... MercuryRx ... well, I will blame it anyway (actually more likely to be something much more mundane).

What I had drafted was: “The Sun enters chatty Gemini on Thursday. With it comes choice and possibility, a tendency to superficiality and endless opportunities for distraction. This year the energy may be tempered somewhat as Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is currently in retrograde (see my previous posts).”

OK, that was last Thursday. This was followed up by the Gemini New Moon on the weekend- arguably the most social New Moon of the year.

If your Sun is in Gemini, you will be social, fun, able to talk under wet cement, know lots of stuff about lots of things and lots of people and generally have an attention span that expired about 2 sentences ago.

In lieu of nothing else original to post today, and with all Gemini readers now switched off, here is some more astro humour. This has been posted before & emailed around by heaps of people- most recently Cass on Sasstrology- so with no apologies & a few amendments- the one line each star sign would be most likely to say after a One Night Stand:

Aries: “Bet I can come first” (actually, that would be before?)”... or “now was I the best you ever had, or was I the best you ever had.”
Taurus: “Wow, that chocolate body paint is really good”
Gemini: “You hang up first... no you hang up... OK, if I log off, you hang up...”
Cancer: “Does this mean we are getting married?”
Leo: “I think that mirror needs to be moved about an inch to the left”
Virgo: “After I have a shower, let’s change the sheets”
Libra: “Well, I thought it was good... what did you think?”
Scorpio: “Would you like me to untie you now?”
Sagittarius: “How about bungy sex next time?”
Capricorn: “Give me your business card- we should do lunch”
Aquarius: “Don’t call me”
Pisces: “what did you say your name was again?”

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Lightbulb Moment

How many (insert your star sign here) does it take to change a lightbulb?

Aries: Just 1- do you want to make something of it? And i bet I can do it faster than you...

Taurus: Are you sure it has blown? I don’t want to waste a perfectly good lightbulb otherwise. Anyway, I prefer natural light and candles.

Gemini- best keep it to 1 or the task will turn into a party and it will never get changed

Cancer- only 1, but a few therapists to help with the grieving process

Leo: Leos do not change their own light bulbs- they get someone else to do it for them.

Virgo: Well of course I have to do it- for the 5th time this year, no one else will think of doing it and how can I get the bathroom cleaned if the light has blown again. If you want something done properly you do it yourself.

Libra: Well, I can do it if you want, but its’ up to you- what do you think?

Scorpio: None- Scorpios aren’t afraid of the dark, but their enemies better be pretty careful...

Sagittarius: the sun is shining, the day is young & you are worried about a light bulb? Its not even dark yet.

Capricorn: It depends- do I have to pay for it?

Aquarius: Let me get my white coat and computer & lets conduct an experiment.

Pisces: What light bulb?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chocolate and Contemplation- Mercury in Taurus... Again...

The retrograde period is in full swing and Mercury has sauntered back into earthy Taurus where it will contemplate, review and put more practicality around plans conceptualised during those heady few days Mercury chatted in Gemini.

Communication of all sorts is deliberate, grounded and aware of reality in Taurus. Mercury will stay here until the middle of June.

With the retrograde until the end of the month, review those plans, put some concrete around the goals and look inward. Taurus is very much in touch with the physical body and its’ senses, so listen to yourself and dig deeper into projects that require patience, focus and perseverance.

Contemplation is best done over cake and coffee, so here is a chocolate cake recipe that can be whipped up in no time and savoured- as all things chocolate should be.

This recipe comes courtesy of one of my favourite authors- Kerry Greenwood “Trick or Treat”.

2 eggs
1 cup caster sugar
300ml cream
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 ¾ cups self raising flour
1 cup frozen berries*
1 cup chocolate bits
*use any kind of fruit, mashed banana, extra chocolate- just keep the proportions balanced.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (C)

Beat eggs & sugar together until thick, add the cream and vanilla & mix well. Fold in the flour, berries & chocolate bits.

Pour into a greased & lined 20cm tin & cook for 50 minutes (or when a skewer comes out without any cloggy bits on it). Cool in the tin & then either dust with icing sugar or ice with chocolate icing. Retrograding never tasted so good.

A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone... Saturn Direct 17/5/09

As a very Piscean Pisces, I have what can be termed a difficult relationship with Saturn. Saturn represents all those things I naturally rebel against- commitment, discipline, boundaries, maturity and responsibility. In practical Virgo, Saturn reminds us that sometimes we have to do the hard work and get the details right in order to move forward. As sombre as all of these words sound, Saturn just asks us to invest a little (actually, usually a lot) of hard work in order to make our plans and dreams real- walking the talk, so to speak.

Saturn has been retrograde (moving backwards, or rather appearing to move backwards) through Virgo since the beginning of the year. He is currently slowing down and will start to move direct (that is technical astro speak for forward) again on Sunday 17/5. So, what does this mean?

Essentially, anything that you feel has been “on hold”, “pending”, off the rails or seemingly in limbo, will start to sort out- naturally depending on the effort you have invested in the detail. Projects will head towards the finishing line, results will start to be seen, that announcement you have been waiting for will happen.
Bear in mind that Mercury is still in its’ retrograde motion, so expect some sharpening of commitment and communication after it turns direct 31/5/09.

People with the Sun or Ascendant in Virgo or Pisces will be most impacted by this transit, although Gemini and Sagittarius Suns will not miss out either- roll up your sleeves and put in the effort required.

Don’t know your Rising Sign? If you have an accurate birth time, log in to

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon

Tell me your thoughts now baby
Tell me what's on your mind
Tell me what's eating you alive
Tell me your darkest secrets
Clear up those stupid lies
Show me what's there behind those eyes

You Will Only Break My Heart, Delta Goodrem

I can’t believe I am quoting Delta (although my 11 year old will be oh so proud), but these lyrics are just perfect for the Scorpio Full Moon.

Scorpio demands truth and honesty and will usually dig deeply to get at it. Only through emotional detoxing and the symbolic opening of the closet door can you fully confront fears and embrace whatever is to come.

The Full Moon is like a high beam exposing secrets and fears. With the Sun in the opposite sign Taurus, control and trust issues also come to the surface. Taurus is about retention and Scorpio elimination. Are you holding onto something that you no longer need? Find it, deal with it, get rid of it, move on.

Look at where 19 Scorpio falls in your chart for more clues.

Don’t know? If you have an accurate birth time, log onto for a free chart.

I will leave you with a phrase from the Baci chocolate I just ate: “Passion dazzles lovers. Love unites them forever”.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mercury Retrograde 7/5/09

Anyone who knows me well will have heard me harping on over the years about Mercury retrogrades. "You're travelling while Mercury is retro'ing? I hope you have your luggage labelled." "You're implementing a software change? Really? Are you sure you have tested it enough?" "You want to sign a contract? Does it absolutely have to be now?"

So, what is all the fuss about? Why is it that during these few weeks 4 times a year your computer is 10x more likely to crash & you are 10 x more likely not to have backed up? And that is not to say that everything goes belly-up- simply not the case. Many projects sail through without a concern... but then they have probably also been planned by a good Project Manager :).

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. So we are talking here about getting messages out & receiving them back- covers a pretty big area. Any technology, travel, appointments, deep & meaningfuls- all communication.

So what does retrograde or Rx mean? It is when Mercury appears to be going backwards. I say appears because it is an optical illusion. From our perspective here on earth, the planet appears to be going backwards.

And this is where the frustrations come in.If appointments are made for during this period they should be checked & re-checked. Any issue that occurs within this period will not be resolved until the Rx period ends. Often it means things need to be re-done (eg Barack Obama’s inauguration which occurred during the last Rx period). If you must go live with a change during this period make sure everything is overly tested. If you absolutely must sign contracts or on a dotted line during a Mercury Rx period, read the fine print (but avoid if possible). Be especially clear with communication during this time as messages get mixed & arguments arise for little or no reason. Carry extra copies of travel documents & changes of clothes & make sure your luggage is labelled (& insured) if travelling during this time.

But, this period is actually good for many activities with the prefix “re”. RElax, REview, REflect. This is a great time for RE-meeting people from the past. It is also a good excuse to slow down & plan future activities.

This stuff is general for everyone, but special care needs to be taken by people on a personal level if:

* If you are a Gemini or Virgo Sun or Rising sign (Mercury rules these signs)
* If you have a strong Mercury, ie Mercury falls on an angle in your chart or if you have a number of planets in Gemini or Virgo
* If the Rx occurs across sensitive points in your chart eg across one of your personal planets (especially Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or across an angle in your chart ie the Ascendant, 7th house cusp, 4th house cusp or 10th house cusp

The remaining Mercury retrogrades for 2009 are:

•7/5/09- 31/5/09 1 Gemini back to 22 Taurus
•7/9/09- 29/9/09 6 Libra back to 21 Virgo
•27/12/09- 14/1/10 21 Capricorn back to around 5 Capricorn

Mark these dates in your diary….

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Thinking- Mercury in Gemini

Mercury heads home into Gemini by the end of the working week. Mercury is all about communicating- all sorts of communication. In your chart, Mercury shows the way in which you communicate, how easy communication is for you & how you process all sorts of information. If you have Mercury in Gemini, it is a given that you will be able to talk under water! People who have Mercury natally in Gemini are usually quick witted, articulate and the ultimate mental multi taskers.

So it is when Mercury is transiting Gemini. Thoughts fly faster, mental adaptability is absolutely essential and fresh ways of looking at old situations abound.

But Mercury is slowing down and about to head into its' retrograde period from May 7. So what does retrograde or Rx mean, I hear you ask? It is when Mercury appears to be going backwards. I say appears because it is an optical illusion. From our perspective here on earth, the planet appears to be going backwards. More about the retrograde in my next post.

This particular retrograde period lasts until the end of May. Maybe you will have to wait until then to explore and fully appreciate the flashes of brilliance which Mercury in Gemini has to offer... In the meantime, make sure your data is backed up.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Taurus New Moon

As I write this, the Moon literally is about to join the Sun in an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Taurus- a new Moon. As I wrote earlier in the week, Taurus is about earthy stuff. It is sensual rather than sexual, about sensations more than action and cuddles more than ... well, now I am about to stray into dangerous territory... Anyway, Taurus is also about the physical body, how it is nourished and what it needs.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is about relationships, and pleasure and what makes us feel good. Venus has chased Mars into Aries, so at present there is energy available to invest in relationships and body routines. And Taurus likes routine. Whilst the Bull may be slow to get started, once convinced, is absolutely unflinching from its goal.

Which brings me to the New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon is the beginning of a cycle. A great time to start something new. This New Moon is supported by Pluto in solidly ambitious Capricorn, another earth sign. Pluto in supportive aspect can bring absolute determination & tenacity to reach a goal commenced under a New Moon.

So, putting it all together- think about what your body needs and whether your day to day routines are keeping you as healthy as you can be. Taurus rules the throat (and what goes into it!), so now is a great time to look at your diet, your stress levels and how you treat yourself.

Where does this New Moon in Taurus fall in your chart? Me? I figure this is as good a time as any to start (another) diet... perhaps the Pluto influence & willpower might help me to my goal!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bring it on, baby.

Is anyone out there feeling tired, de-motivated, lacking energy, taken for granted, exploited, unappreciated?

Aside from a few of us Water people who have felt strangely energised over the last month or so while Mars has been in Pisces, for what seems like the rest of the population, it has been an effort to drag out the motivation to even get out of bed in the mornings, let alone get anything productive or proactive done.

The hardest hit have been Aries people. Anyone with an Aries Sun, Aries Rising, Aries on the Midheaven (or Mars in any of these positions)- you get the drift. As Mars rules Scorpio, the usually hard to rattle Scorpion may also have been feeling strangely off his sting recently- or on holidays, or wishing they were. Even worse, they may have been feeling strangely (gulp) compassionate, or on the side of the Underdog or Downtrodden.

But that will all change tomorrow. As I write this, Mars & Venus have just finished their astral hook-up & Mars is on his way out of Pisces... quickly... He just got wind that the Moon has challenged him to see who can get there first- into Aries, that is, and Mars is never one to shy away from an opportunity to win.

So, from tomorrow, Mars will be back in the sign of his ruler-ship, Aries, where he can puff his chest back out, boast to his mates down at the pub about the brownie points he earned being compassionate & in touch with his feminine side for the last month & head off in pursuit of the next big goal- and the rest of the world can get back to normal.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Take the time to smell the flowers- Autumn and Taurus

How on earth in the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC) did I happen to overlook that the Sun had moved into Taurus? All the pointers were there... the garden needs to be “put to bed” for the winter, the papers are full of money talk, I spent all weekend cooking & I need a massage. So how did it just manage to slip on by? Maybe I have been so excited by all the action happening in Pisces, Uranus & Mars last week & this week the big hook up, Venus & Mars with the Moon in the last degrees of Pisces. So much more potential excitement out there than thinking about money and practicality and goals and storing up for the winter. I can understand the excitement in the Northern Hemisphere as Taurus is a sort of waking up to smell the flowers, a release from Winter. But here, the nights are getting cooler, the earth is getting damper & the morning cardy has made a re-appearance.

Having said that, I love Autumn, I love the leaves, I love the colours, I love kicking them & hearing them crunch under my feet. In Australia, I especially love Canberra, Melbourne and those wonderful country towns in Southern NSW and Victoria where the mornings are crisp and the colours are amazing.

So Taurus isn’t just about practicality and resources and security and getting the job done. Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, so loves art, beauty and the good things in life. It is about slowing down, taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us, enjoying the colours and the textures of the natural world. You can’t avoid the gloom and doom of the financial reports- believe me I have tried, but you can get out for a walk at lunchtime, get back in touch with your body- nourish it properly, slow the pace, book that massage... you know you want to.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Bras and Footballers- Venus in Aries

After spending rather longer than usual in dream-land aka Pisces (and after all, why wouldn’t you?), Venus is strapping on her cowboy boots, grabbing her red bra and her “don’t mess with me” attitude and sauntering back into Aries in time for an Anzac Day BBQ. Mars is chasing her down & joins her in the last degree of Pisces for a brief, but ever so romantic roll in the proverbial heavens before he barges off to get into Aries first- no doubt with a promise to call. More of that next post.

Venus doesn’t particularly like being in Aries. She is all about the things that make us feel good and Aries is just so... obvious & direct. She is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, so is much more at home draped nonchalantly across a chaise longue sipping champagne, receiving a manicure (with her free hand, of course) and being fed chocolates by a rather gorgeously buffed footballer... ooops, that is my fantasy again... which brings me to the point of why Venus is exalted or exaggerated, if you like, in Pisces where she can be super sensitive, indulge in total romantic fantasy and just a tad non discriminating.

Aries, on the other hand is ruled by Mars, the God of War. Venus in Aries has to dust off the romance and becomes pure huntress. Libra may be “we”, Aries is “me”... and “me first”. Venus in Aries is just a bit more work and can be a lot more selfish in what she wants and when she wants it- and that is absolutely OK.

The sign in which Venus is in shows what you like, what makes you feel good, and what your attitude to relationships is. If you have Venus in Aries you love quickly, impulsively, competitively & independently- & are usually prepared to go after & fight for whatever or whoever it is you desire.

Venus in a man’s chart also shows the type of woman he is attracted to. So, a man with Venus in Aries is most likely going to be attracted to a woman with these qualities- someone who is a little impulsive, perhaps headstrong and absolutely independently minded.

If you don’t know what sign your Venus is, check it out on If you know your birth time, even better.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shake it Up, Baby

The biggie this week is when action planet Mars meets impulsive, rebellious, “just for the sheer hell of it” Uranus in Pisces. With this aspect, anything and everything is possible. Uranus is pure independence, so with the energy of Mars, be prepared for the unexpected. Do you have any personal goals or projects that you need to get off the ground? Don’t be afraid to be yourself & assert your individuality- there are no boundaries and resistance is futile.

With the Moon joining forces with Pluto (also midweek) emotional experiences will be pretty intense. Any frustration or obsession or anger or joy or whatever will be magnified a trillion times, so just try and keep some perspective happening and repeat to yourself... it is just a transit, it will pass, it is just a transit, it will pass... On the other hand, if the mood just can’t be restrained? Go for it, guilt free & blame Mars & Uranus if it turns out badly- they are used to it 

Venus is currently languishing in the sign of her exaltation in Pisces finishing off a few Easter chocolates before she takes a deep breath, exudes one last meaningful sign and turns back direct on Thursday. By the weekend she will have rollicked back on in to Aries.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking Points

A week ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Melbourne waiting for my luggage to catch up with me. It had been one of those days in one of those weeks. While I was waiting, I read an article about a movie called Good starring the gorgeously yummy Viggo Mortensen that explores the concept of the small, totally understandable, totally justifiable & seemingly harmless compromises and choices that we make on the road to a Point of No Return. A Breaking Point.

It got me thinking about my own week and disappointments & about how we all experience and deal with these events. Surely, at some point, we all have a breaking point at work and wondered how on earth we got there? You know the sort- when you just want to yell and scream & cry & throw things or leave it all behind.

The nature of this event (& how it is dealt with) will be different for each of us, but, your sun sign and its’ element shows what you need in order to stay motivated. But, also have a look at the sign on the cusp of your 10th house. If you don’t know this, but have an accurate birth time check out The sign on the 10th house gives you more information about what you need from your job and from your boss, so it is worth considering.

The real trick is recognising when compromises are being made and just when enough is enough. If you find yourself yelling into a telephone beside a railway track or kicking the life out of the wall in the fire escape (or is that just me?)I would suggest you could be close! In the current economic crisis (GFC for short), we may find ourselves accepting more of what damages us simply because we can't afford not to. But are we selling out, putting up, or simply running scared- or all of the above? Or do we just need to learn to make the best out of what may be a bad situation? That, I can't answer.

How does this all go teogether? I am a Pisces with Sagittarius on the cusp of the 10th. My heart and head need to be nourished by dreams and not restrained or trapped by the boundaries of too much bureaucracy or interference. But as a Piscean, I also am able to merge into whatever anyone else wants me to be or whatever my environment needs me to be. And, I need to be needed. My breaking point comes when my dreams or visions are shattered or if I feel trapped by someone or something. With Sagittarius on the cusp of my career house (the 10th) I need to believe and absolutely require the people I deal with to be honest. Betrayal or going back on a promise, regardless of the so called business justification around that will disengage me immediately.

What about you?

Fire Signs
Aries needs a fire to fight (or to start) and something to hunt down. Remove his goals and you also remove his purpose.
Leo needs to be noticed & publicly recognised. Ignore him, overlook him or forget to include him and you will have one very unmotivated Lion.
Sagittarius hates spin. Don't breach his trust or break a promise. That simple.

Air Signs
Work is a social event. Declining staff numbers mean fewer opportunities to chat, gossip and exchange ideas... and more time to create rumours.
Libra loves a peaceful conflict free office- preferably beautifully designed. Bring in the “sardine” syndrome, “hot desks” & throw in some discrimination & conflict & Libra will be out of there.
Antiquated manual practices and workarounds, poor technology & interference by management & no future vision? Why bother?

Earth Signs
No job description? No set objectives? No job security? No payrise? Enough said.
Chaos, general disorganisation, no proper process & cowboy bosses will have Virgo looking for somewhere else not to be appreciated.
Why fix what isn't broken? History has proven that experience will conquer all. You want to bring in new blood & give them more respect? What about all those hours I have put in?

Water Signs
Cancer is motivated by protection & fear & will scuttle away in their shell if their "family" or "home" is threatened. "Hot desks" are a nightmare? Where will the pics of the kids go?
Scorpio is hard to break. Real hard. Betrayal will do it everytime. But watch your back for the next few decades afterward!
Pisces needs to dream & needs to feel. No emotional connection & virtual handcuffs will bring things to a watery end.