Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Boss by the Stars- Part 2

I forgot to mention in Part 1, if by chance you happen to know your bosses' birthtime (I know, highly unlikely), also read the sign on his midheaven. Usuallythis is 10 signs around from his rising sign, but a quick look at will tell you for sure. It gives a whole new perspective- your dreamy Piscean boss with Aries rising and a Capricorn Midheaven may be hiding an ambitious and very structured core, whereas your private Scorpio boss with Leo Rising and Taurus Midheaven may be triply change resistant, be even more sure of his "rightness" and amazingly good with money.

This is why sometimes, your experience may be slightly different to the basics on this page. Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em.

Libra Boss
This Boss is all about justice and balance. She will work hard, but she will also need downtime to languish. Libra looks great, dresses for the situation and is charming. Libra can be ambitious, but understands that she is at her best with a team or at least some loyal supporters. Libra will fight only when fair-play is at stake. The rest of the time she has an uncanny knack to get others to do her dirty work- not that they mind... really.

The bossy side is often hidden behind a skilled communicator. Libra dislikes messy emotions and may be accused of being indecisive, but essentially, anything to promote harmony in the workplace.

Scorpio Boss
The most fixed and deeply emotional of the water signs, Scorpio exudes a veneer of absolute control and can usually maintain this in the face of absolute chaos. Scorpio Boss can be loyal and protective but when crossed will remember the grievance for as long as necessary.

This Manager has the potential to engage employees by tuning in emotionally and generally runs an office based on honesty and integrity. But he does expect high performance and does not come to work to win popularity contests. Scorpio makes decisions based on data & measures risks carefully, but does find it difficult to admit mistakes (not that he is ever wrong) or change course.

Sagittarius Boss
This guy is the ultimate risk taker, and not really a natural leader. More interested in having fun, exploring the “big picture” or teaching and motivating, Sagittarius really has little interest or tolerance in hands on management.

Honest to a fault, this Boss will talk before thinking, not realising that others may find his honesty a little tactless. But Sagittarius will encourage change, creativity, growth and optimism and will generally be there if you need him. Just don’t expect to find him at his desk in a partition doing a single set of tasks- he will need to have many fires to fight at once and preferably a reliable earthy person at his side dealing with the smaller details.

Capricorn Boss
This boss is result focused and competitive, but in a more practical way than fiery Aries. A naturally strong Manager, earthy Capricorn understands that hard work is the only way to achieve results, recognition, dollars and security. Capricorn is most at home in a structured corporate environment where everyone has a clear place in the pecking order.

From the “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it” school, suggested change is generally met with scepticism and suspicion. As Capricorn finds comfort in history and experience, she may try and “neutralise” any perceived threat to her leadership by more ambitious and change suggestive employees.

Aquarius Boss
Aquarius Boss thrives in a team, preferably working on something new, inventive or for the greater good. Technology will be enterprise level and outcomes will be for the “greater good”. Employees will generally enjoy a flexible, slightly alternative workplace, have buy-in to goals and experience fair and equal benefits.

Aquarius does expect hard work towards a common goal and uses structure to do so. At her best she is a revolutionary genius, at her worst, a loose cannon.

Like all air signs, there is no room for messy emotional stuff- personal problems are so much smaller than the big picture. Make sure your conversation is interesting, ideas well thought through and you won’t have any political issues with this boss.

Pisces Boss
Pisces is more suited to creative or directorial roles than leadership. This boss has ideals and dreams and corporate structures interfere with those. If she finds herself in a leadership or operational position, she will sit behind that desk depressed & trapped. But she will be sensitive to every mood in the office and may sacrifice herself for those of her employees- if she feels they need her.

Pisces can’t say “no”, dislikes making decisions and resents being taken advantage of. She will value earthy and practical employees who can turn her fantastical visions into something more workable.

Pisces Boss is a chameleon and can be everything to everybody... but she can also be a master manipulator.

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