Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Thinking- Mercury in Gemini

Mercury heads home into Gemini by the end of the working week. Mercury is all about communicating- all sorts of communication. In your chart, Mercury shows the way in which you communicate, how easy communication is for you & how you process all sorts of information. If you have Mercury in Gemini, it is a given that you will be able to talk under water! People who have Mercury natally in Gemini are usually quick witted, articulate and the ultimate mental multi taskers.

So it is when Mercury is transiting Gemini. Thoughts fly faster, mental adaptability is absolutely essential and fresh ways of looking at old situations abound.

But Mercury is slowing down and about to head into its' retrograde period from May 7. So what does retrograde or Rx mean, I hear you ask? It is when Mercury appears to be going backwards. I say appears because it is an optical illusion. From our perspective here on earth, the planet appears to be going backwards. More about the retrograde in my next post.

This particular retrograde period lasts until the end of May. Maybe you will have to wait until then to explore and fully appreciate the flashes of brilliance which Mercury in Gemini has to offer... In the meantime, make sure your data is backed up.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Taurus New Moon

As I write this, the Moon literally is about to join the Sun in an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Taurus- a new Moon. As I wrote earlier in the week, Taurus is about earthy stuff. It is sensual rather than sexual, about sensations more than action and cuddles more than ... well, now I am about to stray into dangerous territory... Anyway, Taurus is also about the physical body, how it is nourished and what it needs.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is about relationships, and pleasure and what makes us feel good. Venus has chased Mars into Aries, so at present there is energy available to invest in relationships and body routines. And Taurus likes routine. Whilst the Bull may be slow to get started, once convinced, is absolutely unflinching from its goal.

Which brings me to the New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon is the beginning of a cycle. A great time to start something new. This New Moon is supported by Pluto in solidly ambitious Capricorn, another earth sign. Pluto in supportive aspect can bring absolute determination & tenacity to reach a goal commenced under a New Moon.

So, putting it all together- think about what your body needs and whether your day to day routines are keeping you as healthy as you can be. Taurus rules the throat (and what goes into it!), so now is a great time to look at your diet, your stress levels and how you treat yourself.

Where does this New Moon in Taurus fall in your chart? Me? I figure this is as good a time as any to start (another) diet... perhaps the Pluto influence & willpower might help me to my goal!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bring it on, baby.

Is anyone out there feeling tired, de-motivated, lacking energy, taken for granted, exploited, unappreciated?

Aside from a few of us Water people who have felt strangely energised over the last month or so while Mars has been in Pisces, for what seems like the rest of the population, it has been an effort to drag out the motivation to even get out of bed in the mornings, let alone get anything productive or proactive done.

The hardest hit have been Aries people. Anyone with an Aries Sun, Aries Rising, Aries on the Midheaven (or Mars in any of these positions)- you get the drift. As Mars rules Scorpio, the usually hard to rattle Scorpion may also have been feeling strangely off his sting recently- or on holidays, or wishing they were. Even worse, they may have been feeling strangely (gulp) compassionate, or on the side of the Underdog or Downtrodden.

But that will all change tomorrow. As I write this, Mars & Venus have just finished their astral hook-up & Mars is on his way out of Pisces... quickly... He just got wind that the Moon has challenged him to see who can get there first- into Aries, that is, and Mars is never one to shy away from an opportunity to win.

So, from tomorrow, Mars will be back in the sign of his ruler-ship, Aries, where he can puff his chest back out, boast to his mates down at the pub about the brownie points he earned being compassionate & in touch with his feminine side for the last month & head off in pursuit of the next big goal- and the rest of the world can get back to normal.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Take the time to smell the flowers- Autumn and Taurus

How on earth in the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC) did I happen to overlook that the Sun had moved into Taurus? All the pointers were there... the garden needs to be “put to bed” for the winter, the papers are full of money talk, I spent all weekend cooking & I need a massage. So how did it just manage to slip on by? Maybe I have been so excited by all the action happening in Pisces, Uranus & Mars last week & this week the big hook up, Venus & Mars with the Moon in the last degrees of Pisces. So much more potential excitement out there than thinking about money and practicality and goals and storing up for the winter. I can understand the excitement in the Northern Hemisphere as Taurus is a sort of waking up to smell the flowers, a release from Winter. But here, the nights are getting cooler, the earth is getting damper & the morning cardy has made a re-appearance.

Having said that, I love Autumn, I love the leaves, I love the colours, I love kicking them & hearing them crunch under my feet. In Australia, I especially love Canberra, Melbourne and those wonderful country towns in Southern NSW and Victoria where the mornings are crisp and the colours are amazing.

So Taurus isn’t just about practicality and resources and security and getting the job done. Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, so loves art, beauty and the good things in life. It is about slowing down, taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us, enjoying the colours and the textures of the natural world. You can’t avoid the gloom and doom of the financial reports- believe me I have tried, but you can get out for a walk at lunchtime, get back in touch with your body- nourish it properly, slow the pace, book that massage... you know you want to.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Bras and Footballers- Venus in Aries

After spending rather longer than usual in dream-land aka Pisces (and after all, why wouldn’t you?), Venus is strapping on her cowboy boots, grabbing her red bra and her “don’t mess with me” attitude and sauntering back into Aries in time for an Anzac Day BBQ. Mars is chasing her down & joins her in the last degree of Pisces for a brief, but ever so romantic roll in the proverbial heavens before he barges off to get into Aries first- no doubt with a promise to call. More of that next post.

Venus doesn’t particularly like being in Aries. She is all about the things that make us feel good and Aries is just so... obvious & direct. She is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, so is much more at home draped nonchalantly across a chaise longue sipping champagne, receiving a manicure (with her free hand, of course) and being fed chocolates by a rather gorgeously buffed footballer... ooops, that is my fantasy again... which brings me to the point of why Venus is exalted or exaggerated, if you like, in Pisces where she can be super sensitive, indulge in total romantic fantasy and just a tad non discriminating.

Aries, on the other hand is ruled by Mars, the God of War. Venus in Aries has to dust off the romance and becomes pure huntress. Libra may be “we”, Aries is “me”... and “me first”. Venus in Aries is just a bit more work and can be a lot more selfish in what she wants and when she wants it- and that is absolutely OK.

The sign in which Venus is in shows what you like, what makes you feel good, and what your attitude to relationships is. If you have Venus in Aries you love quickly, impulsively, competitively & independently- & are usually prepared to go after & fight for whatever or whoever it is you desire.

Venus in a man’s chart also shows the type of woman he is attracted to. So, a man with Venus in Aries is most likely going to be attracted to a woman with these qualities- someone who is a little impulsive, perhaps headstrong and absolutely independently minded.

If you don’t know what sign your Venus is, check it out on www.astro.com. If you know your birth time, even better.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shake it Up, Baby

The biggie this week is when action planet Mars meets impulsive, rebellious, “just for the sheer hell of it” Uranus in Pisces. With this aspect, anything and everything is possible. Uranus is pure independence, so with the energy of Mars, be prepared for the unexpected. Do you have any personal goals or projects that you need to get off the ground? Don’t be afraid to be yourself & assert your individuality- there are no boundaries and resistance is futile.

With the Moon joining forces with Pluto (also midweek) emotional experiences will be pretty intense. Any frustration or obsession or anger or joy or whatever will be magnified a trillion times, so just try and keep some perspective happening and repeat to yourself... it is just a transit, it will pass, it is just a transit, it will pass... On the other hand, if the mood just can’t be restrained? Go for it, guilt free & blame Mars & Uranus if it turns out badly- they are used to it 

Venus is currently languishing in the sign of her exaltation in Pisces finishing off a few Easter chocolates before she takes a deep breath, exudes one last meaningful sign and turns back direct on Thursday. By the weekend she will have rollicked back on in to Aries.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking Points

A week ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Melbourne waiting for my luggage to catch up with me. It had been one of those days in one of those weeks. While I was waiting, I read an article about a movie called Good starring the gorgeously yummy Viggo Mortensen that explores the concept of the small, totally understandable, totally justifiable & seemingly harmless compromises and choices that we make on the road to a Point of No Return. A Breaking Point.

It got me thinking about my own week and disappointments & about how we all experience and deal with these events. Surely, at some point, we all have a breaking point at work and wondered how on earth we got there? You know the sort- when you just want to yell and scream & cry & throw things or leave it all behind.

The nature of this event (& how it is dealt with) will be different for each of us, but, your sun sign and its’ element shows what you need in order to stay motivated. But, also have a look at the sign on the cusp of your 10th house. If you don’t know this, but have an accurate birth time check out www.astro.com. The sign on the 10th house gives you more information about what you need from your job and from your boss, so it is worth considering.

The real trick is recognising when compromises are being made and just when enough is enough. If you find yourself yelling into a telephone beside a railway track or kicking the life out of the wall in the fire escape (or is that just me?)I would suggest you could be close! In the current economic crisis (GFC for short), we may find ourselves accepting more of what damages us simply because we can't afford not to. But are we selling out, putting up, or simply running scared- or all of the above? Or do we just need to learn to make the best out of what may be a bad situation? That, I can't answer.

How does this all go teogether? I am a Pisces with Sagittarius on the cusp of the 10th. My heart and head need to be nourished by dreams and not restrained or trapped by the boundaries of too much bureaucracy or interference. But as a Piscean, I also am able to merge into whatever anyone else wants me to be or whatever my environment needs me to be. And, I need to be needed. My breaking point comes when my dreams or visions are shattered or if I feel trapped by someone or something. With Sagittarius on the cusp of my career house (the 10th) I need to believe and absolutely require the people I deal with to be honest. Betrayal or going back on a promise, regardless of the so called business justification around that will disengage me immediately.

What about you?

Fire Signs
Aries needs a fire to fight (or to start) and something to hunt down. Remove his goals and you also remove his purpose.
Leo needs to be noticed & publicly recognised. Ignore him, overlook him or forget to include him and you will have one very unmotivated Lion.
Sagittarius hates spin. Don't breach his trust or break a promise. That simple.

Air Signs
Work is a social event. Declining staff numbers mean fewer opportunities to chat, gossip and exchange ideas... and more time to create rumours.
Libra loves a peaceful conflict free office- preferably beautifully designed. Bring in the “sardine” syndrome, “hot desks” & throw in some discrimination & conflict & Libra will be out of there.
Antiquated manual practices and workarounds, poor technology & interference by management & no future vision? Why bother?

Earth Signs
No job description? No set objectives? No job security? No payrise? Enough said.
Chaos, general disorganisation, no proper process & cowboy bosses will have Virgo looking for somewhere else not to be appreciated.
Why fix what isn't broken? History has proven that experience will conquer all. You want to bring in new blood & give them more respect? What about all those hours I have put in?

Water Signs
Cancer is motivated by protection & fear & will scuttle away in their shell if their "family" or "home" is threatened. "Hot desks" are a nightmare? Where will the pics of the kids go?
Scorpio is hard to break. Real hard. Betrayal will do it everytime. But watch your back for the next few decades afterward!
Pisces needs to dream & needs to feel. No emotional connection & virtual handcuffs will bring things to a watery end.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon in Libra & the Ultimate Brownie

Today’s Full Moon is in Libra. Astrologically speaking, with the Sun burning away in “me first” Aries, this Full Moon casts a spotlight on the whole balancing act between “I” and “we”. On a deeper level, this full moon also shows us that our understanding, connection and relationship with ourselves will be reflected in our relationships with others.

This Full Moon coincides with the pleasure planet Venus about to cross back into dreamy, “what was your name again?” Pisces. So if all of this togetherness and relationship introspection is getting you down, go for sheer Venusian pleasure with a slice or two of this brilliant Brownie…

The Ultimate Brownie

190g unsalted butter
190g best quality dark chocolate (I use a 200g box of chopped dark couveture chocolate- this allows some for nibbling/ quality control as it goes into the pan & also for the inevitable “wastage” post melt)
3 eggs
175g caster sugar
½ tbsp vanilla extract
115g plain flour
½ teaspoon salt
125 g milk chocolate buttons or milk chocolate chopped- this looks great with white chocolate as well
Icing sugar for dusting.

Preheat the oven 180C. Line & grease sides and base of a 33 x 23 x 5.5 cm tin with foil or baking paper.
Melt the butter and dark chocolate together in a large heavy-based pan over a low heat. Let it cool down a little (if you don't, it may scramble the egg mix when added).
In a bowl or large measuring jug, beat the eggs together with the caster sugar and vanilla extract. Combine with the cooled chocolate mixture and beat well.
Fold in the flour and salt and stir in the chocolate buttons.
Pour the brownie mixture into the prepared tin and bake for approx 25 mins. The Brownies will be cooked when the top goes this gorgeous speckly brown. This is a fudgy brownie, so take care not to overcook.

Serve with dusted icing sugar & maybe some raspberries or crème fraiche.