Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking Points

A week ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Melbourne waiting for my luggage to catch up with me. It had been one of those days in one of those weeks. While I was waiting, I read an article about a movie called Good starring the gorgeously yummy Viggo Mortensen that explores the concept of the small, totally understandable, totally justifiable & seemingly harmless compromises and choices that we make on the road to a Point of No Return. A Breaking Point.

It got me thinking about my own week and disappointments & about how we all experience and deal with these events. Surely, at some point, we all have a breaking point at work and wondered how on earth we got there? You know the sort- when you just want to yell and scream & cry & throw things or leave it all behind.

The nature of this event (& how it is dealt with) will be different for each of us, but, your sun sign and its’ element shows what you need in order to stay motivated. But, also have a look at the sign on the cusp of your 10th house. If you don’t know this, but have an accurate birth time check out The sign on the 10th house gives you more information about what you need from your job and from your boss, so it is worth considering.

The real trick is recognising when compromises are being made and just when enough is enough. If you find yourself yelling into a telephone beside a railway track or kicking the life out of the wall in the fire escape (or is that just me?)I would suggest you could be close! In the current economic crisis (GFC for short), we may find ourselves accepting more of what damages us simply because we can't afford not to. But are we selling out, putting up, or simply running scared- or all of the above? Or do we just need to learn to make the best out of what may be a bad situation? That, I can't answer.

How does this all go teogether? I am a Pisces with Sagittarius on the cusp of the 10th. My heart and head need to be nourished by dreams and not restrained or trapped by the boundaries of too much bureaucracy or interference. But as a Piscean, I also am able to merge into whatever anyone else wants me to be or whatever my environment needs me to be. And, I need to be needed. My breaking point comes when my dreams or visions are shattered or if I feel trapped by someone or something. With Sagittarius on the cusp of my career house (the 10th) I need to believe and absolutely require the people I deal with to be honest. Betrayal or going back on a promise, regardless of the so called business justification around that will disengage me immediately.

What about you?

Fire Signs
Aries needs a fire to fight (or to start) and something to hunt down. Remove his goals and you also remove his purpose.
Leo needs to be noticed & publicly recognised. Ignore him, overlook him or forget to include him and you will have one very unmotivated Lion.
Sagittarius hates spin. Don't breach his trust or break a promise. That simple.

Air Signs
Work is a social event. Declining staff numbers mean fewer opportunities to chat, gossip and exchange ideas... and more time to create rumours.
Libra loves a peaceful conflict free office- preferably beautifully designed. Bring in the “sardine” syndrome, “hot desks” & throw in some discrimination & conflict & Libra will be out of there.
Antiquated manual practices and workarounds, poor technology & interference by management & no future vision? Why bother?

Earth Signs
No job description? No set objectives? No job security? No payrise? Enough said.
Chaos, general disorganisation, no proper process & cowboy bosses will have Virgo looking for somewhere else not to be appreciated.
Why fix what isn't broken? History has proven that experience will conquer all. You want to bring in new blood & give them more respect? What about all those hours I have put in?

Water Signs
Cancer is motivated by protection & fear & will scuttle away in their shell if their "family" or "home" is threatened. "Hot desks" are a nightmare? Where will the pics of the kids go?
Scorpio is hard to break. Real hard. Betrayal will do it everytime. But watch your back for the next few decades afterward!
Pisces needs to dream & needs to feel. No emotional connection & virtual handcuffs will bring things to a watery end.