Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bring it on, baby.

Is anyone out there feeling tired, de-motivated, lacking energy, taken for granted, exploited, unappreciated?

Aside from a few of us Water people who have felt strangely energised over the last month or so while Mars has been in Pisces, for what seems like the rest of the population, it has been an effort to drag out the motivation to even get out of bed in the mornings, let alone get anything productive or proactive done.

The hardest hit have been Aries people. Anyone with an Aries Sun, Aries Rising, Aries on the Midheaven (or Mars in any of these positions)- you get the drift. As Mars rules Scorpio, the usually hard to rattle Scorpion may also have been feeling strangely off his sting recently- or on holidays, or wishing they were. Even worse, they may have been feeling strangely (gulp) compassionate, or on the side of the Underdog or Downtrodden.

But that will all change tomorrow. As I write this, Mars & Venus have just finished their astral hook-up & Mars is on his way out of Pisces... quickly... He just got wind that the Moon has challenged him to see who can get there first- into Aries, that is, and Mars is never one to shy away from an opportunity to win.

So, from tomorrow, Mars will be back in the sign of his ruler-ship, Aries, where he can puff his chest back out, boast to his mates down at the pub about the brownie points he earned being compassionate & in touch with his feminine side for the last month & head off in pursuit of the next big goal- and the rest of the world can get back to normal.

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