Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Thinking- Mercury in Gemini

Mercury heads home into Gemini by the end of the working week. Mercury is all about communicating- all sorts of communication. In your chart, Mercury shows the way in which you communicate, how easy communication is for you & how you process all sorts of information. If you have Mercury in Gemini, it is a given that you will be able to talk under water! People who have Mercury natally in Gemini are usually quick witted, articulate and the ultimate mental multi taskers.

So it is when Mercury is transiting Gemini. Thoughts fly faster, mental adaptability is absolutely essential and fresh ways of looking at old situations abound.

But Mercury is slowing down and about to head into its' retrograde period from May 7. So what does retrograde or Rx mean, I hear you ask? It is when Mercury appears to be going backwards. I say appears because it is an optical illusion. From our perspective here on earth, the planet appears to be going backwards. More about the retrograde in my next post.

This particular retrograde period lasts until the end of May. Maybe you will have to wait until then to explore and fully appreciate the flashes of brilliance which Mercury in Gemini has to offer... In the meantime, make sure your data is backed up.

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