Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shake it Up, Baby

The biggie this week is when action planet Mars meets impulsive, rebellious, “just for the sheer hell of it” Uranus in Pisces. With this aspect, anything and everything is possible. Uranus is pure independence, so with the energy of Mars, be prepared for the unexpected. Do you have any personal goals or projects that you need to get off the ground? Don’t be afraid to be yourself & assert your individuality- there are no boundaries and resistance is futile.

With the Moon joining forces with Pluto (also midweek) emotional experiences will be pretty intense. Any frustration or obsession or anger or joy or whatever will be magnified a trillion times, so just try and keep some perspective happening and repeat to yourself... it is just a transit, it will pass, it is just a transit, it will pass... On the other hand, if the mood just can’t be restrained? Go for it, guilt free & blame Mars & Uranus if it turns out badly- they are used to it 

Venus is currently languishing in the sign of her exaltation in Pisces finishing off a few Easter chocolates before she takes a deep breath, exudes one last meaningful sign and turns back direct on Thursday. By the weekend she will have rollicked back on in to Aries.

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