Monday, April 20, 2009

Take the time to smell the flowers- Autumn and Taurus

How on earth in the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC) did I happen to overlook that the Sun had moved into Taurus? All the pointers were there... the garden needs to be “put to bed” for the winter, the papers are full of money talk, I spent all weekend cooking & I need a massage. So how did it just manage to slip on by? Maybe I have been so excited by all the action happening in Pisces, Uranus & Mars last week & this week the big hook up, Venus & Mars with the Moon in the last degrees of Pisces. So much more potential excitement out there than thinking about money and practicality and goals and storing up for the winter. I can understand the excitement in the Northern Hemisphere as Taurus is a sort of waking up to smell the flowers, a release from Winter. But here, the nights are getting cooler, the earth is getting damper & the morning cardy has made a re-appearance.

Having said that, I love Autumn, I love the leaves, I love the colours, I love kicking them & hearing them crunch under my feet. In Australia, I especially love Canberra, Melbourne and those wonderful country towns in Southern NSW and Victoria where the mornings are crisp and the colours are amazing.

So Taurus isn’t just about practicality and resources and security and getting the job done. Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, so loves art, beauty and the good things in life. It is about slowing down, taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us, enjoying the colours and the textures of the natural world. You can’t avoid the gloom and doom of the financial reports- believe me I have tried, but you can get out for a walk at lunchtime, get back in touch with your body- nourish it properly, slow the pace, book that massage... you know you want to.

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