Friday, April 24, 2009

Taurus New Moon

As I write this, the Moon literally is about to join the Sun in an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Taurus- a new Moon. As I wrote earlier in the week, Taurus is about earthy stuff. It is sensual rather than sexual, about sensations more than action and cuddles more than ... well, now I am about to stray into dangerous territory... Anyway, Taurus is also about the physical body, how it is nourished and what it needs.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is about relationships, and pleasure and what makes us feel good. Venus has chased Mars into Aries, so at present there is energy available to invest in relationships and body routines. And Taurus likes routine. Whilst the Bull may be slow to get started, once convinced, is absolutely unflinching from its goal.

Which brings me to the New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon is the beginning of a cycle. A great time to start something new. This New Moon is supported by Pluto in solidly ambitious Capricorn, another earth sign. Pluto in supportive aspect can bring absolute determination & tenacity to reach a goal commenced under a New Moon.

So, putting it all together- think about what your body needs and whether your day to day routines are keeping you as healthy as you can be. Taurus rules the throat (and what goes into it!), so now is a great time to look at your diet, your stress levels and how you treat yourself.

Where does this New Moon in Taurus fall in your chart? Me? I figure this is as good a time as any to start (another) diet... perhaps the Pluto influence & willpower might help me to my goal!


  1. What about a Taurus with Venus in Aries? Than is it sensually sexual? :)

  2. Hi Katelyn. A Taurus is always going to like massages, touch, cuddles etc, but the way in which you approach relationships will definitely be with an Aries flavour. Venus in Aries knows what it wants. Taurus is a fixed sign, so you will always need loyalty & longevity... but most women with Venus in Aries are more independent in relationships, possibly more comeptitive & usually have at least 1 red accessory :)