Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate and Cuddles- Mars and Venus in Taurus

Mars and Venus continue their race through the skies, but Venus is in sight of home (Taurus) and Mars is becoming slower as he has burned out much of his energy through Aries.

Venus on the other hand, is heading out of Mars’ territory where, let’s face it, he really did not make her at all comfortable, back to a place where she has the upper hand. Venus is about partnerships and beauty and in Aries is way too busy being a Warrior Princess and keeping up with Mars and his testosterone charges to really take it easy and appreciate life’s little luxuries.

Mars skids into Taurus on Monday where Venus will join him a week later for a tumble in her own comfy bed. As Taurus is about a slower, more focused and practical energy rather than his usual wham bam thankyou maam style he really is not at his best in Taurus. Instead he is forced to slow down and put some structure behind all those half finished projects started in Aries.

If you have Mars in Taurus your energy will be slow to start, but once going, you will be able to go and go and go. This is a physical sign, so sexually speaking, you will have a strong and sensual drive, but it usually is quite controlled. Once started, you always finish the job... so to speak. Mars in Taurus expends energy in accumulating things- preferably nice things & money- you care about getting and keeping these things more than you are prepared to admit. A man with Mars in Taurus will like to show you what he can give you, but may treat you as one of his possessions. Women with Mars in Taurus also have a possessive streak and are very strong willed- once started, very little will stop them... and that can be very attractive.

Venus in Taurus is very sensual. If your Venus is in Taurus, cuddles, comfort, good food, good wine, art & beauty are very important. So is consistency. Venus in Taurus does not get off on one night stands (leave that to some of the more fickle signs). She is much more comfortable with a reliable and committed partner who will occasionally give her a little push, but the rest of the time pour her champagne, feed her chocolates and give her backrubs and cuddles when she is feeling down.

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