Friday, May 29, 2009

I Believe the Impossible is Possible to Overcome

I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in the miracles born from love in everyone

Believe Again, Delta Goodrem

I was just listening to this song floating out of my daughters’ bedroom and it hit me just how perfect the lyrics are for the Neptune/Jupiter lovefest in the sky at present- it also made a welcome change from Miley Cyrus’ The Climb which seems to have been on repeat lately...

Neptune is currently stationary and about to turn retrograde. Neptune will link back up with Jupiter in July (whilst Jupiter is also retrograde) and then again in December when both are direct again.

But what does this mean? Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces (which is why the conjunction with Jupiter is such a huge thing- the modern & traditional rulers of Pisces linking up in Aquarius whilst the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is causing havoc in Pisces). Key words we associate with Neptune are intuitive, deceptive, highly sensitised, escapist and delusional.

During the retrograde period, Neptune becomes more Neptunian. Your intuition will be heightened and you may suddenly get insights into something you have been struggling with. Seeing things clearer, you may no longer be able to deny truths that you have been...well, denying. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to what we need to listen to- and that is where the escapist nature of Neptune may also come into play. During the retrograde period you may be more inclined to run away into whatever is your favourite way of escaping. Not a great idea- you will have to emerge from the self induced alcoholic haze (or is that just me) at some point & see reality for what it is.

Who is affected? Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. Anyone with a Pisces Sun, Moon or Ascendant will become even more essentially Piscean. Also impacted are anyone with lots of planets in the 12th house and especially people with planets at around 26-22 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

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  1. My sun is Taurus 26, 9th house. These guys are in my 6th. (I hate that.) Any way, Chiron is also in conjunction with the two. What is the effect of Chiron there?

  2. Interesting one. I have it happening in the 12th & it has been an expansion (jupiter) of internet comunities (aquarius) & name getting out there in a weird way (neptune). But as a Pisces, Jupiter & Neptune are prominent.

    Taurus in the 9th has a Jupiter feel about it anyway as the 9th is the hosue for expansion of boundaries through learning, travel & spirituality. How have you found Neptune through your 6th? Has there been non specific health or work issues? Where does Jupiter & Neptune fall natally for you?

    Chiron adds an element of healing- either your ability to heal others or your ability to be healed. The square to your sun will indicate action that you will have to make & take responsibly for yourself. I am assuming you have Leo on the cusp of the 1st? I would be looking at health & energy issues & what action needs to be taken in those areas. With a 9th house Taurus sun, it will be energised through travel, learning, sprituality, but in a consistent, routine way. Do your routines need work?

  3. Hi Jo - Gah! All I need is more Neptune...I am a Pisces (end of 3rd house, 29-30th degree). So no, it's not just you :) This conjunction has been at the 2nd/3rd house cusp. Very weird times. I also have North Node at 24 Aquarius. Just trying to figure out those how-to-fulfill-my-highest-evolutionary-direction issues. And I must admit I have no clue!

  4. Hi Jeanine,
    that would be casting a lovely veil over what is important to you. Interesting. Where is Saturn in your chart? That may give you a clue to north node issues, but as a fellow piscean (ASC, Sun, Moon, Nercury)... I can identify with the whole direction thing pretty well! Good luck.

  5. Hi Jo - 'a lovely veil'? Hmmm...does that mean it is obscuring in some way what is really important to me? That is certainly possible. I have Saturn at 19 Taurus in my fifth house.