Friday, May 29, 2009

Mercury Direct and tales from the Rx

As I have written in the past, Gemini and Virgo Suns are always especially susceptible to all Mercury Rx periods. My boxing trainer (C) is a Gemini with his sun in the 3rd house which rules things like short journeys, communications... in fact most things mercurial. He is also an astrological sceptic- not that there is anything wrong with that- but is slowly starting to take notice of my assorted rambling...

Whilst my motivation may have been to delay the commencement of the next training set (he had threatened to get the Bosu Ball out), I felt that I should warn C about the possible outcomes for the coming few weeks. In specific, I told him to be careful around short journeys, phones, and computers & scheduling of appointments. He, in turn, adjusted the “Jo talking crap filters” and ordered me into the first of a killer push-up set on the dreaded bosu ball.

At last weeks session, C told me about his week:

• Had a car accident on the way to work
• The paperwork from his insurance company got mixed up, so there were problems with rental cars & smash repairers
• His computer crashed & he lost his training database until he was able to restore the hard drive
• His mobile had the carrot (my technical term for all non specific technology problems) & he had sent it away to be replaced & was currently running from his mums old phone
• He had had heaps of cancellations & mixed up appointments

The run of issues continued through this last week, to the extent that at yesterday’s session (in between overseeing the removal of all of my elbow skin on overhead elbow hammers- don’t ask) he uttered those fateful words: “So when does that planet thing start to turn around again?” followed by “Can you tell me when the next one is?”

I resisted the urge to say I told you so... but only because I would have suffered as a result...

Mercury has stopped his backwards motion and is currently stationing ready to go direct again- and anyone who has been impacted can breathe a sigh of relief.


  1. just discovered your site and really enjoy the light hearted, conversational tone you bring to something as complex as astrology.

    my partner had a job opportunity fall in his lap during his Personal New Moon, covering the Mercury Rx phase, culminating successfully at his Personal Full Moon and then abruptly stopping after Mercury went direct. ????????????

    As Venus and Taurus move through this 22 Taurus to 01 Gemini span, I have the feeling it'll be resurrected, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Any ... I don't know ... thoughts to share? :^)

  2. Hi Duse, thanks for your comments. I do find that things do get resurrected as planets cross points in the shadow phase. More often than not it is as if things just go nowhere & then seem to gather momentum again, seemingly out of nowhere. What planet rules his 10th house? Wheer is that in his chart? Email me at if you want to chat further about it.