Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon

Tell me your thoughts now baby
Tell me what's on your mind
Tell me what's eating you alive
Tell me your darkest secrets
Clear up those stupid lies
Show me what's there behind those eyes

You Will Only Break My Heart, Delta Goodrem

I can’t believe I am quoting Delta (although my 11 year old will be oh so proud), but these lyrics are just perfect for the Scorpio Full Moon.

Scorpio demands truth and honesty and will usually dig deeply to get at it. Only through emotional detoxing and the symbolic opening of the closet door can you fully confront fears and embrace whatever is to come.

The Full Moon is like a high beam exposing secrets and fears. With the Sun in the opposite sign Taurus, control and trust issues also come to the surface. Taurus is about retention and Scorpio elimination. Are you holding onto something that you no longer need? Find it, deal with it, get rid of it, move on.

Look at where 19 Scorpio falls in your chart for more clues.

Don’t know? If you have an accurate birth time, log onto for a free chart.

I will leave you with a phrase from the Baci chocolate I just ate: “Passion dazzles lovers. Love unites them forever”.

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