Monday, June 29, 2009

Are You Ready to Jump?

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“There’s only so much you can learn in one place, the more that I wait the more time that I waste” Jump, Madonna

A few years ago, I was introduced to astrology beyond the Sun signs. I was in Melbourne for work and had taken the opportunity of flying down over the weekend to grab some early Spring sunshine and a tarot reading at my fave Melbourne institution Spellbox ( For the previous 12 months or so I had been feeling particularly restless. There was a real physical ball of electric energy in my chest that just wouldn’t go away. It would wake me up at night with the feeling that something really exciting was brewing, an almost constant feeling of an impending ‘something’, an urge to tread dangerously and take risks.

When I tried describing it to the Reader, her response was “Well, Uranus is moving through your sign…” She went on to explain to me that the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, was in Aquarius & the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus was in Pisces- the result of which would make Aquarians softer and possibly dreamier and Pisceans would become more electric.

At that point I really didn’t understand what she was talking about, but it made me want to learn more about the type of influences that could make someone like me, who had always done what was expected, want to party all night, break free and run away to join the circus, metaphorically speaking. Looking back, I don’t think I had ever felt more uncertain about everything, but nor had I felt more alive that I did during that time & the following 6 months.

With hindsight and the benefit of an ephemeris I can see that Uranus at that time was within a couple of degrees of meeting my ascendant. It had hit a peak a month or so before and was now retrograde. What I really wanted to escape from was myself, or rather, my image or label of self. In doing so, the impact was felt in my home, my relationships and my work patterns.

Uranus is all about making you confront your own individuality. It pokes and it prods until you have no choice but to make the changes that are necessary to become yourself. Uranus is uncomfortable and indiscriminate. The harder and longer you resist its' force, the more painful the transit is. If you have always fitted into the box that others have categorized you in, be prepared for some pain. If you think that you can control your environment, think again- the area of life which Uranus is transiting becomes totally unpredictable.

As with all the outer planets, Uranus is at its strongest and most unpredictable when retrograde. While its’ motion is direct, the impulsive charges and flashes of insight or intuition become almost expected. During the retrograde period, however, you take more of the Uranian energy inwards where it can and will explode unexpectedly and uncontrollably.

Likewise, with all retrograde periods, the “re” prefix is important. In the case of Uranus the term “re-awaken” is the most apt. During the retrograde period, the freedom urge is reawakened. With it comes the urge to rebel and break out or release yourself from wherever you feel confinement (real or imagined) in your life. But, as with all retrograde periods, this is not a good time to make changes, no matter how much the urge bubbles inside you or how exciting the thought is. Dispassionately analyze where the universe is prompting you to make changes, feel it, process it, be aware of it, but try to resist actualizing or externalizing any of these changes until Uranus goes direct.

Where is Uranus in your chart? The cause of the transit can be found where Uranus is natally. The house through which Uranus is transiting is where most of the action is taking place and the house ruled by Aquarius is the area where the transits’ energy will be manifested.

Uranus is currently stationing at 26 Pisces 37’. It begins its’ retrograde on Wednesday 1/7/09. It will turn direct at 22 Pisces 42’ 2/12/09 and will retrace its steps coming out of its’ shadow in March 2010.

Who does this affect?

*Pisceans- particularly those with planets or chart points between 27 and 22 degrees.
*Anyone with planets or chart points between 27 and 22 degrees Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius
*Anyone with a strong Uranian chart signature eg, if Uranus falls on an angle in your chart natally (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house); or if Uranus aspects the Sun or Moon closely (especially consider conjunction, square, opposition)

What is Uranus trying to tell you that you need to change? Where do you need to be ready to jump?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Choice to Have No Choice

My horoscope yesterday (well part of it...) from the inimitable Jonathon Cainer ( “Something seems to be out of your control... if you can somehow see it as one which you have no power at all over, you can abdicate some responsibility. You can let whatever is most likely to happen, happen. Then you can say ‘I sincerely wish things were different, but I am powerless.’ Maybe it secretly suits you to feel that this is true. If so, just carry on believing that you have no choice and relax. But do so out of choice, not hopelessness.”

As some of you would already know. I have a lot of Pisces planets in my chart, and I mean A LOT- and they are all in the 1st house. One of the brilliant things about Pisces is that we can float around blindly oblivious to the nets out there waiting to reel us in, but one of our more shadowy sides is that of a self pitying victim. A little harsh? Possibly. Needless to say, I sometimes feel as though I consciously have to fight this attitude every day of my life. (Actually, even saying that makes me sound like I should be feeling sorry for myself).

Fortunately, I also have Saturn in my 1st- and I really do not like him. He makes me take responsibility- sometimes too much responsibility. I also have a tight Sun-Pluto opposition that sometimes helps me convince myself that I can have total control over everything in my part of the ocean. One little piece of reality I still have not learned is that I can only attempt to control my own reaction to what other people say about me, I can’t control what they say, do, think or write.

All this reminded me of a colleague I worked with during the last technical “recession that we had to have”. With Pisces Rising, Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon and a heap of 6th house planets, Mary (yes, the name is changed) would poke her head out of her office cubicle for long enough to envelope the rest of us in doom and gloom and speculation about the rumoured restructures. Even though no one really appreciated how much she did for the company or how much more than us she knew- if only anyone could be bothered to ask- she was convinced that she would be the first to lose her job. Mary also reminded us (constantly) that she was the only one who really couldn’t afford to lose her job- after all none of us had a family (in those days) so we had no idea what it was like to have to provide for a proper education and a roof over their heads.

One day I stupidly offered Mary some advice. “But it’s hopeless Jo”, she said, “I have no choice to wait and see what they will do with me.”
I assured her that she wasn’t helpless, that there were things that she could do now to control her own reaction should anything happen. She could get her resume up to date and organise current referees so that she would be ready to hit the job market running. She could insure her income against retrenchment or redundancy- this would, with her payout, give her at least 9 months to find a new position if she were to be retrenched, without being any worse off than she is now. She could ensure that her finances were as solid as they could be in the present circumstances.

Mary had an excuse for every suggestion. Finally I snapped, “Mary, if you really want to take control of the situation, why don’t you find another job and resign now?”

Her reaction? “You know something, don’t you...what have they told you?”

Some people truly don’t want a choice, being in control takes away their excuses and that would make the situation hopeless. After all, unless the blame can be directed elsewhere, we have to take responsibility- and that is really scary.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under the Milky Way

Get the first edition of my webletter "Under the Milky Way". What is happening in the skies this week? check it out at milkyway.

This week?

Sun in Cancer
New Moon in Cancer
Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus- yummy yummy

Friday, June 19, 2009

Silver Heels and Apple Pies.

My Nan will be 91 soon. She still wears strappy heel sandals, still wants to dance past midnight, still watches her weight and is a busy “Volunteer”. Nan first discovered volunteering when the Olympics came to Sydney- she was 82 that year & the oldest volunteer by far. She still helps out at all major community events in Sydney, often catching 3 trains and walking long distances to get to the venues. At her 90th last year she arrived in a silver lame jacket, smart black pants and some silver strappy sandals announced “Darlings, I am here, the party can start!”

But what does this have to do with astrology? Nan’s Sun is in Cancer. And, according to most popular literature, she is not a typical Cancer. Apparently typical Cancer’s don’t party hard, don’t wear silver and heels into their 90s and tend not to survive on diets of cigarettes and aspirin powders. Typical Cancers are supposed to be moody (depending on the moon), gloomy and grumpy. Typical Cancers are supposed to be insecure, depressive, fearful, over protective, clinging and paranoid. (I will stop there...) Not as fearless or dramatic as the Fire signs; not as social as the Air signs or as practical as Earth, and not as sorry as Pisces or as dark and sexy as Scorpio; Cancer generally gets a bad rap.

But when I look at my Nan, I see the quintessential Cancer. The Mother who would do whatever it takes to ensure her children were fed, clothed, housed and safe. The Grandmother whose house is stuffed full of photos, trinkets and memories- all surfaces, all spare pieces of wall. The party animal whose day is made complete because everybody in the room is dear to her. This is also the same woman who will go into fight against anybody who dared to criticise any of her family, and the woman who when interviewed on radio earlier this year could not understand why the journalist didn’t want to hear about her “beautiful family”.

Cancer is associated with the archetype of the Mother- and there is no doubt that Cancer has an innate ability to provide compassion, emotional and physical security and nutrition for their family- but this amazing talent to nurture and protect is extended beyond kids and family to whatever is important. Not everyone with a Cancer Sun (or Moon) necessarily wants or has a family- many Cancer Suns are not even close to their family- but they all need something to look after and raise to be the best it can be. The “baby” may be a business venture, a job, a pet, a project or a partner.

It is often the case, however, that Cancer forgets to look after herself. Cancer will provide a meal for others and go hungry if extra guests arrive. Cancer will bake up a storm, even if she is on a diet. Cancer will ensure her children are well clothed, even if it means she has to go without. Cancer nurtures the body and the soul, Cancer does more with less and Cancer will fight tenaciously when her “baby” is threatened. Only after everyone else is cared for and the job is complete, will Cancer consider her own needs.

The Moon rules Cancer. Not only is this responsible for their celebrated moodiness, but it also is why Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotionally intuitive signs in the zodiac- If my Cancer friends tell me they feel something or someone is not right, I will trust them... implicitly. They feel it. Born from the need to survive, their ability to see below the surface and read between the lines is second only to Scorpio. Underneath the hard and mistrusting outer shell of every Crab is the soft underbelly of Cancer.

Where is Cancer in your chart? This is the area of life you will feel most ready to grow and nurture. It may also be an area that you feel threatened and need to protect. Feed it, clothe it, educate it and send it out into the world in full awareness that when the bad stuff hits, your creation knows it can come back home for a meal and some compassion.

Happy Birthday Nan.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Website

I FINALLY have a new website up & ALMOST running. This week I will post to both, but going forward, I will be sending out a newsletter from Still trying to work out some technical bits & pieces, but getting there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Love etc...

I had 2 hours to think about this week’s blog today. Two hours sitting in the chair at the hairdressers waiting for the colour & foils that covers my greys and satisfies my vanity. Usually I tear out of the salon the minute my hair is washed out, open the sunroof in the car & get on with the day that has been interrupted by having to sit still for 2 hours. I have Venus in Aries. I want what I want when I want it. Venus in Aries wants to look good, but quickly & with a minimum of fuss. Venus in Aries has the tolerance of a flea.

But today I read the magazines. Trashy stuff about people’s lives that I normally couldn’t give a rats about. The latest Hollywood break-ups, make-ups, makeovers, brushes with death & whether some pointless starlet is too skinny or, heaven forbid, fat enough to fit into a US size 6- I really don’t care what they do or who they do it with. Today, I read all about why Jennifer needs to clear the air with Angelina in order to get her love karma back and how Kate Winslet is proud of her “normal womanly curves” after following an “everyday eating plan” where she removed all carbs and now tips the scales at a “very healthy” 52kgs. (Their quotations, not mine...).

Today I also sat in the chair for longer while 2 stylists brandishing their super powered dryers spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to straighten my hair. Why is that? So I will look vaguely glamorous at the pub tonight? Hardly... Venus is in Taurus, and the effects are all around us- not just in busier than usual hairdressers and beauty salons.As astro pal Kelly Surtees has been pointing out all week on Facebook & Astro Weather (, Venus in Taurus has even been obvious in the Stock Market where this week we actually saw some rises. But isn’t Venus about love and relationships, I hear you ask? Well, yes and no...

Venus is about what makes you feel good. In this way, it represents pleasure, beauty and art. It also represents the way in which you respond to these things, your values, what you value and the way you approach your relationships.

Taurus as a fixed earth sign values material things. It also likes to accumulate. It is this need for material security that often leads to Taurus being known as the sign most associated with wealth creation. But Taurus is ruled by Venus and also loves beautiful things, luxury and shopping. In the body Taurus rules the neck and throat, so also loves good food and wine.

If you have Venus in Taurus, you may use these things (shopping, food, wine) to feel good about yourself. That in itself is not an issue unless you are prone to over indulging in any of these things... you see, Venus in Taurus can also be a little self indulgent and, dare I say it, sometimes a little difficult to get moving.

So, when Venus is in Taurus we are more inclined to do things that make us feel good and look good. Some of us may put make-up on with the tracksuit when we are working from home; others will go on shopping sprees; share markets may even start to feel temporarily better. And that is because Venus is in rulership in Taurus- not only does she have plenty of motivation to behave well, but she also has the ability to act- what Astrologers call “essential dignity”.

Mars in Taurus? A completely different story...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Caffeine- How do you take yours?

Some more Astro Humour sent to me by one of the boys in IT who got it from someone who got it from someone else- I can’t claim any credit… except for a little artistic license here & there…

First in line, first out the door - a double shot - mainlined- and the Ram is off and running.

The Bull just loves the creamy luxury of Cappuccino- good value with chocolate on top and a yummy bit of something sweet & creamy on the side.

Dare I say it… half/half? Or is that only ever half a cup finished?

Mocha is right at home for Cancer, but just skip the coffee & go straight for the hot chocolate- you know you want to.

Something with a little drama- a perfectly presented macchiato served somewhere you will be guaranteed to be well lit.

That shop down the road never really makes your soy decaf cappuccino the way you like it, so you may as well do it yourself…

CafĂ© au Lait with friends on the side- or is that a skim cappuccino? You decide…

Deep, dark espresso- need I say more?

An iced caramel latte in the dead of winter seems appropriate for the Zodiac's thrill seeker.

Always efficient, Capricorn has found that a shot of espresso in one's coffee gets the job done ... and then some.

Organic raspberry tea grown by Fair Trade farmers is a refreshing alternative to coffee -- it transcends the boundaries of modern society...

Someday, Chai will replace coffee entirely, and Pisces will be ahead of us all - meanwhile, they can sit back calmly, ready to ride the wave of the future & bide their time until it can reasonably be called "cocktail hour".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jupiter Retrograde

The other day I declared on Facebook that Saturn didn’t exist- of course it does, I just didn’t want to have to think about it. But then I also conveniently overlooked the fact that Jupiter was stationing about to go retrograde. (Thanks AstroSparkles for that little reminder). And this year, the retrograde is longer than usual- from 15/6/09 at 27 Aquarius all the way through to mid October and 17 Aquarius.

As a Piscean, delusions and conveniently forgetting things are just part of the landscape, but Jupiter rules my Ascendant so is also my Chart Ruler & should be difficult to overlook. The Ascendant is all about the physical body, so it stands to reason that whatever this ruling planet does will have an impact on the physical body.

Further, Jupiter rules my Piscean Sun. The Sun is your energy and vitality source. Is it a coincidence that over the last few years I have been unwell as Jupiter has slowed to station?

Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic. Often labelled as the “lucky planet”, Jupiter makes things bigger. This isn’t so good if he is transiting across your Ascendant (literally speaking, your physical body often gets bigger...).

When Jupiter turns retrograde, the expansion... stops. Just like that. Good if you are planning a diet (personally, I need to lose 20kgs in the next 5 weeks before I go & lie on a pool lounge and beach somewhere exotic), but not good if you are in the middle of a project. Things that seemed to be sure may just stop. Physical energy may just dry up.

Jupiter also represents integrity and honesty, so the retrograde period is a great time to look objectively and realistically at what you are doing. Are you really investing enough of yourself in what is important? What do you do out of fear or because it is expected of you? How do these actions impinge on your real life goals and where you are meant to be?

Jupiter has a habit of removing those things from your life which you think you need, but actually are doing you no good at all. But with Jupiter, there is no maliciousness- anything you lose now, or anything that stops now is simply not necessary to your growth and will usually be for the best.

So, what to do? Look inward and be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to embark on any activity that requires material expansion- unless it is a new charity or spiritual retreat.

So, who is impacted? Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces (as traditional ruler). If you have your Ascendant, Sun or Moon in these signs, you will be impacted. If you have a number of planets in the 9th house or the 12th you will feel this retrograde. Look also at the houses which Jupiter rules- those houses with either Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp- this area of your life will feel the Jupiter influence the most. You will also be impacted if you have planets between 27 and 17 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

Jupiter also rules my Moon (emotional life), Mercury (my communication) & my career. Last year, during the retrograde, I struggled physically with my health and emotionally with things that were happening in my workplace. People I loved and thought I needed moved away. It seemed as if it was just one thing after another. Retrospectively, almost as soon as Jupiter turned back around (in September) things improved. Just like that. Jupiter can’t stay serious for long.