Thursday, June 11, 2009

Caffeine- How do you take yours?

Some more Astro Humour sent to me by one of the boys in IT who got it from someone who got it from someone else- I can’t claim any credit… except for a little artistic license here & there…

First in line, first out the door - a double shot - mainlined- and the Ram is off and running.

The Bull just loves the creamy luxury of Cappuccino- good value with chocolate on top and a yummy bit of something sweet & creamy on the side.

Dare I say it… half/half? Or is that only ever half a cup finished?

Mocha is right at home for Cancer, but just skip the coffee & go straight for the hot chocolate- you know you want to.

Something with a little drama- a perfectly presented macchiato served somewhere you will be guaranteed to be well lit.

That shop down the road never really makes your soy decaf cappuccino the way you like it, so you may as well do it yourself…

Café au Lait with friends on the side- or is that a skim cappuccino? You decide…

Deep, dark espresso- need I say more?

An iced caramel latte in the dead of winter seems appropriate for the Zodiac's thrill seeker.

Always efficient, Capricorn has found that a shot of espresso in one's coffee gets the job done ... and then some.

Organic raspberry tea grown by Fair Trade farmers is a refreshing alternative to coffee -- it transcends the boundaries of modern society...

Someday, Chai will replace coffee entirely, and Pisces will be ahead of us all - meanwhile, they can sit back calmly, ready to ride the wave of the future & bide their time until it can reasonably be called "cocktail hour".

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