About Me

I am a Sydney based Astrologer, Blogger and Change/ Project Manager- in no particular order. When you add in the home roles of Wife/ Domestic Diva & Mum (to a gorgeous daughter & bouncing cocker spaniel), I often wonder where the days go. In my spare time I am working on a book. Watch this space.

Astrologically speaking I have my Ascendant, Sun and Moon in Pisces (in the 1st house). I also have Mercury in Pisces, but as he is in the 12th and retrograde, I am convinced it is the worst Mercury in history.
With a Sagittarian Midheaven, I am most afraid of confined spaces, partitions, Business as Usual and clearly defined Job Descriptions, but with Jupiter as my ruler, I also tend to have a portable soapbox that I jump on from time to time as Queen of Lost Causes.

What else about me? I believe that there is a Pet Shop Boys song and episode of Absolutely Fabulous or Sex and the City applicable for all life issues, I can't leave the house without my ipod, I like to believe that there can be a world where nothing bad ever happens to anyone. I am "lime" green rather than "green" green and a hypocrite when it comes to political leanings (so I have been told). I don't like shopping malls, but love shopping alleys & laneways. I love to travel but am the worst companion for any trip longer than 3 hours and firmly believe that the statute of limitations of UnFinished Projects (UFPs) should be reduced to 3 years.

What you will see here are posts about career and workplace issues, my ever expanding waistline, theories to make it smaller (the waist that is) and general astro babble.If there are any subjects you would like me to write about or you would like to learn more about, please email me at jotracey@bigpond.net.au or jo@jotracey.com.au- I would love to hear from you.